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The Last of Us episode 9 release date, time, channel, and plot

The end is here…at least for now. The Last of Us has been one of the biggest hits of 2023 so far. With viewership increasing by the millions with each episode, the show has already achieved something truly rare in entertainment: it’s a video game adaptation that doesn’t suck.

Eight episodes have been released so far, and if you want to find all the information on The Last of Us episode 9 — including the release date, time, channel, plot synopsis, cast, runtime, and trailer — you’ve come to the right place, as the season finale airs today.

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When does episode 9 of The Last of Us release?

Joel looks concerned in The Last of Us.

Episode 9 of The Last of Us aired on March 12, 2023.

HBO Max is one of the top streaming services available. The Last of Us is quickly becoming a huge hit for HBO, joining the recent success of series like House of the Dragon, Succession, and Winning Time. Legacy shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Wire, and The Sopranos are also available to watch on the service. You can also get lost in the movie library with a great selection of films, ranging from blockbusters like The Batman to classic standout dramas like The Verdict.

What time does episode 9 of The Last of Us start?

Episode 9 is aired on March 12 on HBO and HBO Max. It is now available to stream for all subscribers.

What is episode 9 of The Last of Us about?

Ashley Johnson walks in a forest in The Last of Us.

Episode 9 is titled Look for the Light. The episode runs approximately 43 minutes. Judging from the trailer, episode 9 finally depicts Joel and Ellie reaching Salt Lake City after their season-long quest for the Fireflies. Of course, this being The Last of Us, nothing is as simple as it should be, and Joel appears to be in an intense firefight with someone, possibly an Infected.

At the end of the trailer, Ellie issues a warning: “There is no halfway with this. We finish what we started.”

Can I watch a trailer for episode 9 of The Last of Us?

Sure! Here it is:

Who stars in episode 9 of The Last of Us?

According to IMDb, the episode stars Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller, Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams, Ashley Johnson as Ellie’s mother, Merle Dandridge as Marlene, Gabriel Luna as Tommy Miller, Riley Davis as a young Firefly soldier, Anna Rice as Nurse No. 2, and Pardeep Singh Sooch as a Firefly soldier. The episode is directed by Ali Abbasi.

Is episode 9 of The Last of Us the season one finale?


How many episodes left are there in season 1 of The Last of Us?

Ellie sits on a truck in The Last of Us.

None. There are nine scheduled episodes in season 1 of The Last of Us. Originally, there were supposed to be 10, but that changed to nine at an unspecified date. Since this is the season 1 finale, there will be no more episodes.

Will there be a season 2 of The Last of Us?

You bet! The show has already been renewed for a second season. Stars Pascal and Ramsey will return for the sequel show, but there’s no word yet on whether or not it will be a direct adaptation of The Last of Us Part II video game or something entirely new.

Is The Last of Us worth watching?

Ellie tends to Joel's wounds in The Last of Us.

The Last of Us is one of the best shows of 2023. From its world-building to its character development, the show is a master class in storytelling. It’s hard to believe that this show was based on a video game. Even non-zombie lovers will appreciate The Last of Us because, at the end of the day, it’s great television.

The Last of Us is created by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann (Uncharted), with the latter having written the video game. On Rotten Tomatoes, The Last of Us sits at 96% on the Tomatometer, with an audience score of 90%. On Metacritic, the film has a Metascore of 84 and a user score of 6.4.

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