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The Umbrella Academy season 3 trailer twists the timeline

During the second season of The Umbrella Academy, the Hargreeves family was stuck in the past as they tried to avert an apocalypse. They succeeded, but that success had a big price. Upon their return to the present, the Hargreeves clan discovered that they no longer belonged to the new timeline. The Umbrella Academy itself no longer exists, because Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted an almost entirely different family of superheroes: The Sparrows.

In the new trailer for The Umbrella Academy season 3, Sir Reginald is still alive, but he has no idea who the original Hargreeves siblings are. And the Sparrows don’t exactly hold back on their cross-temporal siblings. A superhero fight was always inevitable, but it doesn’t solve the key problem. The new timeline is violently unstable, and it will collapse in just a few days.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Here’s the synopsis for the new season courtesy of Netflix:

“After putting a stop to 1963’s doomsday, the Umbrella Academy return home to the present, convinced they prevented the initial apocalypse and fixed this godforsaken timeline once and for all. But after a brief moment of celebration, they realize things aren’t exactly (okay, not at all) how they left them. Enter the Sparrow Academy. Smart, stylish, and about as warm as a sea of icebergs, the Sparrows immediately clash with the Umbrellas in a violent face-off that turns out to be the least of everyone’s concerns.” 

The cast of The Umbrella Academy.
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Elliot Page stars in the series as Viktor Hargreeves, with Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves, David Castañeda as Diego Hargreeves, Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison Hargreeves, Robert Sheehan as Klaus Hargreeves, Aidan Gallagher as Five Hargreeves, and Justin H. Min as Ben Hargreeves.

In the new timeline, Ben is one of the members of the Sparrow Academy alongside Marcus Hargreeves (Justin Cornwell), Fei Hargreeves (Britne Oldford), Alphonso Hargreeves (Jake Epstein), Sloane Hargreeves (Genesis Rodriguez), and Jayme Hargreeves (Cazzie David).

The Umbrella Academy season 3 will premiere on June 22, only on Netflix.

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