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3 underrated movies on Hulu you need to watch in February

February marks the arrival of new TV shows and movies to Hulu. Fans of The Twilight Saga will be happy to learn that all five movies are now on Hulu. Eat Pray Love, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Valentine’s Day, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and 500 Days of Summer are some of the other high-profile releases on the streamer.

Beyond the popular movies, there are hidden gems that are very entertaining. We selected three underrated movies to watch on Hulu in February. Our picks include an underseen thriller with a killer lion, a cult film from the 2000s, and a long-awaited reunion between two comedy stars.

Rogue (2020)

A group of soldiers hold guns and squat next to each other.

because of the pandemic, 2020 was a strange year in movies. Because theaters were closed, many films went right to digital and streaming with little promotion, forcing viewers to discover these “buried” projects for themselves. Thankfully, Rogue found an audience. In this tense thriller, a group of mercenaries embark on a mission to East Africa to rescue the daughter of a governor kidnapped for ransom by terrorists.

Led by squad leader O’Hara (Megan Fox), the mercenaries extract the girls from their captors. However, their escape plan goes awry, forcing them to travel on foot. But defeating the terrorists was just the beginning, as the squad must now evade a bloodthirsty animal. Rogue is Jaws with a lioness, and while it’s not nearly as good as that Spielberg movie, it has its own schlocky appeal.

Watch Rogue on Hulu.

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Two boys stand in the hallways of a school.
Fox Searchlight Pictures

For a certain generation, Napoleon Dynamite is a bona fide classic. Yet, the cult film is never grouped with iconic comedies from that era, including AnchormanOld SchoolTalladega Nights, and Superbad. Trust me: If you like quirky films with a ton of laughs and hear, Napoleon Dynamite will be your new obsession.

Jon Heder stars as Napoleon, an awkward high school student who lives in a small Idaho town with his grandma (Sandy Martin) and brother, Kip (Aaron Ruell). After an accident puts his grandma in the hospital, his self-obsessed uncle, Rico (Jon Gries), moves in, much to Napoleon’s dismay. The only person Napoleon can turn to is his friend, Pedro (Efren Ramirez), the new kid in school. When Pedro surprisingly runs for class president, Napoleon helps manage his campaign. Cue Canned Heat.

Watch Napoleon Dynamite on Hulu.

The Internship (2013)

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson stand next to each other.
20th Century Fox

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson starred in one of the most iconic comedies of the 2000s, Wedding Crashers. Given the film’s success, you would think Vaughn and Wilson would make a movie every few years. Unfortunately, the duo did not reunite until 2013 for The Internship. Billy McMahon (Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Wilson) are two salesmen who lose their jobs after their employer goes under.

On a whim, Billy applies for internships at Google. Despite their lack of technological skills, the duo wins the internships. The friends are initially viewed as outcasts at the company. However, their people skills come in handy as they compete for a competition to win full-time employment. The Internship does not have the raunchiness of Wedding Crashers, but it has a lot of heart.

Watch The Internship on Hulu.

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Galaxy Quest is streaming for free in Pluto TV.
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They Live can be rented or purchased on Amazon Prime Video.

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