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Tom Hiddleston will star in The White Darkness for Apple TV+

While Tom Hiddleston is expected to begin filming a second season of Loki later this year, one of his next roles will be considerably more down-to-Earth. Via The Wrap, Hiddleston is attached to star in The White Darkness, which is based upon the true story of British explorer Henry Worsley.

Worsley was a former British Army officer who idolized another famous explorer, Ernest Shackleton. In 2009, Worsley took part in an expedition that retraced Shackleton’s legendary journey across the Antarctic. However, Worsley went on an even bolder expedition in 2016 when he attempted to become the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided. Unfortunately, Worsley came tantalizingly close to his goal before his health failed him. He died a short time after he was rescued.

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Author David Grann’s novel, The White Darkness, was a non-fiction account of Worsley’s life that forms the basis of this miniseries. Filmmaker Soo Hugh is adapting The White Darkness for television.

Tom Hiddleston in Loki.

The miniseries will be produced by Blue Marble Pictures for Apple TV+. Both Hiddleston and Hugh will be executive producers on the series, alongside Theresa Kang-Lowe, Caroline Garity, and Mark Heyman.

While Apple TV+ hasn’t set a premiere date or a start of production for The White Darkness, it won’t be Hiddleston’s first show on the streaming service. Hiddleston is already slated to headline the Apple TV+ original series, The Essex Serpent, as well as a show for Netflix called White Stork, which has already finished filming. And somewhere in that busy schedule, Hiddleston still has to find time for Loki season 2.

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