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5 TV shows you need to watch in October

Looking for something to watch in October? Despite the writer’s strike still going strong, there are plenty of new shows being released that were completed before the strike began, as well as popular shows returning with new seasons. From comedies to dramas, and even the return of one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) shows, there’s lots to watch in October.

If you’re not sure where to start or don’t know what has been delayed and what is coming out on time, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of five shows you should watch in October.

Our Flag Means Death season 2 (October 5)

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 | Official Teaser | Max

This period romantic comedy returns for its second season this month. Our Flag Means Death season 2 continues to follow the misadventures of a wealthy landowner-turned-pirate named Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and his crew, including their encounter with pirate captain Blackbeard (Thor: Love and Thunder‘s Taika Waititi). It’s loosely based on the life of the real Bonnet, who was known as the gentleman pirate.

Set in the early 18th century, Our Flag Means Death has been praised for its LGBTQ+ representation, comedic flair, and endearing cast and storyline.

Stream Our Flag Means Death on Max.

Lupin season 3 (October 5)

Lupin: Part 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Omar Sy returns as Assane Diop, a master thief and perpetual charmer. When he was a teenager, Assane’s father was framed for stealing an expensive necklace from his employer and ended up hanging himself in his prison cell. Inspired by the adventures of fictional master thief Arsène Lupin, who Assane read about in a book his father once gave him, the young man slowly begins to devise his plan.

The story in Lupin follows Assane 25 years later. Now a skilled thief, he sets out to get back at a wealthy family for his father’s wrongful arrest and death. Charismatic, charming, and a master of disguise, Assane is highly skilled at his craft: no one ever sees him coming. This is a highly bingable series, so you can check out seasons 1 and 2 in time for season 3. Or if you’re already a fan, prepare to continue watching with this latest season.

Stream Lupin on Netflix.

Loki season 2 (October 6)

Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2 | October 6 on Disney+

One of several series within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and a part of Phase Four, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) season 1 saw the title character travel through time. He was faced with a seemingly simply choice: be erased from existence or help fix the timeline. But nothing is ever simple for the God of Mischief.

The second season sees Loki teaming up with agents from the Time Variance Authority (TVA) in a “battle for the soul.” He travels through the multiverse, where he searches for other characters, including Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Miss Minutes (Tara Strong). Both Hiddleston and Owen Wilson, who plays Mobius M. Mobius, are standouts in this superhero series.

Stream Loki on Disney+.

Lessons in Chemistry (October 13)

Lessons in Chemistry — First Look | Apple TV+

The Marvels‘ Brie Larson stars as Elizabeth Zott in this drama based on the novel of the same name by Bonnie Garmus. Set in the 1950s, it follows Elizabeth, a talented young woman who dreams of one day becoming a scientist. However, it’s not so easy to pursue such a prominent career in the patriarchal society in which she lives.

Not satisfied with settling for less, however, Elizabeth uses her newfound job as host of a TV cooking show (after being fired from her own lab) to teach viewers some important lessons. They aren’t just about baking cakes, though. She uses her platform to find clever ways to educate the housewives watching from home — and their husbands — about much more than making meals.

A triumphant story about a strong woman standing up to make others listen against all odds, Lessons in Chemistry is poised to be another hit series for Apple TV+.

Stream Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+.

Upload season 3 (October 20)

Upload - Official Trailer I Prime Video

Imagine a world when you don’t have to technically die. Your consciousness can be uploaded to a digital afterlife where you continue to exist in perpetuity. Well, that is for as long as your family and loved ones can pony up the funds required for your extended stay. Planning a digital afterlife is like planning retirement in the real world, and options range from top-end luxury resorts to slums. Once they arrive, each uploaded person occupies their own body, is served by a human handler, and earns credits when their loved ones send funds.

The story in Upload centers around Nathan (Robbie Amell), a man in his late 20s who dies in a car accident. He is uploaded by his wealthy, obsessive girlfriend, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), to a lavish afterlife community, but not everything is heavenly. A sci-fi comedy drama, Upload cleverly parodies our real-life obsessions with technology, instant gratification, and commercialization while also touching on serious topics like social and economic inequality.  In the end, you’ll laugh heartily as you watch Nathan exist in a world he can’t escape from while dealing with existential crises of all kinds.

Stream Upload on Prime Video. 

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