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Captain Marvel returns to the MCU in the first trailer for The Marvels

As established in Captain Marvel, Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers was one of the few superheroes who was active between Captain America’s disappearance in the ’40s and Iron Man’s emergence in 2008. Although Carol is apparently immortal, the general public on Earth had no idea who she was until after Avengers: Endgame. Carol’s actions in that movie won her the undying adulation of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), the heroine known as Ms. Marvel. And in the first trailer for The Marvels, Carol and Kamala suddenly find themselves inexplicably linked in a way that they can’t understand.

Marvel Studios’ The Marvels | Teaser Trailer

This was teased in the post-credits scene for the season finale of Ms. Marvel, when Carol suddenly found herself in Kamala’s bedroom. That scene plays out again in the trailer, with more comedic consequences for both. But they aren’t the only ones facing this problem. WandaVision‘s Teyonah Parris is reprising her role as Monica Rambeau, the grownup version of the girl who once idolized Carol. Monica’s feelings for Carol seem to have cooled over the decades. However, Monica’s newfound powers mean that she is also tied into the cosmic switcheroo that is affecting Carol and Kamala.

Brie Larson in The Marvels.
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Naturally, this is leading to a team-up for the three heroes so they can figure out how to fix this problem. There are also some new villains to fight, but it’s hard to tell too much about the bad guys in this trailer. Fortunately, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is on hand to help the trio sort this out and save the day.

Saagar Shaikh, Zenobia Shroff, Mohan Kapur, Zawe Ashton, and Park Seo-joon round out the cast. Nia DaCosta directed the film from a script she co-wrote with Megan McDonnell, Elissa Karasik, and Zeb Wells.

The Marvels will hit theaters on Friday, November 10.

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