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Unidentified Objects trailer depicts an unlikely duo searching for aliens

The road trip movie is a tried-and-true formula that typically depicts the main characters on a journey where they learn more about themselves along the way. From action comedies like Smokey and the Bandit and Midnight Run, to dramedie, such as Rain Man and Little Miss Sunshine, to the iconic Thelma & Louise, road trip movies have been around in Hollywood for almost a century. The latest entry in the genre is Unidentified Objects, an American indie that puts an unlikely duo together in search of the supernatural.

Peter (New Amsterdam’s Matthew August Jeffers) is an antisocial and unemployed gay man with dwarfism living in New York City. One morning, he gets a knock on his door from Winona (Flesh and Bone’s Sarah Hay), a nonconformist sex worker who needs Peter’s help, or in her case, his car. Winona pays Peter to use his car so she can visit the site of a possible alien visitation in the Canadian wilderness. Peter accompanies Winona on the journey, and the ensuing journey results in a series of unexpected interactions with “bickering lesbian cosplayers, shroom-addled survivalists, and even extraterrestrial highway cops.”

Unidentified Objects | Official Trailer

Besides Jeffers and Hay, Unidentified Objects stars Roberta Colindrez (A League of Their Own), Tara Pacheco (First Wives Club), Hamish Allan-Headley (Mayor of Kingstown), Kerry Flanagan (Sharper), John Ryan Benavides (Mimi and Mo), Dorian Perez (Big Dogs), Andrew Stevens Purdy (Meet Cute), Roy Abramsohn (Quantum Leap), and Elliot Frances Flynn (Linoleum).

Unidentified Objects in the feature directorial debut of Juan Felipe Zuleta (Faded Love). Zuleta co-wrote the script with Leland Frankel (Woke). Quiver serves as the film’s distributor.

A man stands in an alien suit for Unidentified Objects.

Unidentified Objects opens in select theaters on June 2 before heading to VOD on June 9.

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