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Vevo’s redesigned Apple TV app can keep music videos playing all day long

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If you ever felt like watching music videos all day, you’ll be happy to hear that Vevo is about to make that goal easier to achieve. Vevo on Thursday announced the biggest redesign of its Apple TV app since it debuted in February 2016, and it’s geared toward you never having to stop the music.

The previous version of the Vevo for tvOS app essentially ported enough of the best features from the mobile and web app to make it functional. Before, when you fired up the app, you would just see large, vertical boxes for each section of Vevo, and would have to click on one before you could see any music videos. Now, once you open the app, you are met with a carousel list of the top videos on Vevo, as well as music videos recommended for you. You are one click away from Future’s Use Me music video the second the app comes on.

Vevo’s redesigned app makes it easier to explore, and encourages nonstop viewing of music videos. Playlists play a big part in the new update. You can play a music video and still search through other playlists without the video stopping. Vevo says you will still be able to listen to the video as you peruse other playlists, similar to the mobile app. This is possible with Vevo’s “peek-inside-playlist” feature that will give you moving images of the music videos inside a playlist without stopping the music of the video you are playing.

There is also a lot more nuance in the Vevo playlists that you will get to see on your TV. Some playlists will be curated based on the time of day, holidays, and major events. There will also be artists stations, which will presumably work the same as they do on streaming services like Spotify, where you will get a stream of music video suggestions based on one artist. Your daylong Beyoncé marathon will only be a few clicks away with this new update.

Vevo for tvOS will be available to download at the app store starting on Friday, May 19.

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