Latest Walking Dead teaser warns of utter peril to come

If the cliffhanger at the end of the midseason finale of The Walking Dead had you biting your nails in anticipation of the show’s return, the latest teaser trailer released by AMC will have you gnawing at your entire arm.

(Note: Spoiler alerts ahead)

While the new teaser admittedly reveals very little, it’s all in the delivery. The 30-second clip emphasizes that dreaded voice of Sam (Major Dodson) calling for his mom as the group attempts to blend in with a sea of zombies. The question that always remained after the last episode was whether Sam’s irrational, idiotic move (albeit perhaps understandable given the circumstances) would result in the walkers realizing that the group weren’t, in fact, one of them, but rather fresh, living flesh, ripe for consumption.

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In the trailer, we hear Sam’s voice echoing as he calls “mom, mom.” There’s also a reminder of Rick’s ever-soothing, but authoritative voice urging everyone before they went outside not to “draw attention.” It seems someone wasn’t listening in class.

Admittedly, this latest in a slew of promos from AMC is nothing more than a video meant to toy with fan emotion. Really, it’s just a replay of the last scene of the final episode. But the image of Sam uttering those words, and the look on Rick’s face when he turns to face him, are amplified by isolating the clip. Add Rick’s voice of reason in the background telling the group what they must not do (and what Sam just clearly did), and it’s enough to give you chills.

We already know that Sam’s actions have put the group at great risk. But what are the repercussions of that? While the walkers aren’t thinking, reasoning beings, they are bound to perk up when they hear a noise that’s obviously not like the typical sounds that come from their brethren. Might Sam meet his bitter end because of it? Or worse, might he be the cause of someone else’s demise?

It’s T-minus 15 days until we find out: The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 14, 2016.

Updated 1/29/2016: The piece initially listed Sam incorrectly as Robin Lord Taylor, who played a different Sam on the show. Major Dodson plays the current Sam character.