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Wednesday’s ending explained

Netflix’s Wednesday is a bonafide hit. The Gothic coming-of-age supernatural comedy stars Jenna Ortega as the eponymous character, who attends Nevermore Academy and becomes involved in a dangerous mystery involving the nearby town of Jericho. Taking on the challenge head-on, Ortega and the team behind Wednesday successfully redefine the classic character for the 21st century.

The show is already breaking records, amassing a gargantuan 341.23 million hours viewed, which bodes well for its renewal potential. And considering how it ended, a second season might not be out of the question.

Let it woe

A ghostly girl stands in Wednesday.
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The final episode, titled A Murder of Woes, sees Wednesday dealing with the aftermath of her realization from the previous episode. Tyler, who spent most of the season as her love interest, is the same creature she’s been hunting: the murderous Hyde, who comes out at the behest of his master. Wednesday tries to torture a confession out of him but fails and gets expelled from Nevermore after Principal Weems finally gets fed up with her antics. Before leaving for the train station, Wednesday visits the now-awoken Eugene, who recalls seeing someone wearing red boots at the monster’s cave shortly before the Hyde attacked him.

Wednesday then realizes the Hyde’s master is not Dr. Kinbott — Jericho’s psychologist who the Hyde killed at the end of episode 7 — but Miss Thornhill, Nevermore’s normie Botany teacher. Furthermore, the Thornhill persona is a cover-up to hide her true identity: Laurel Gates, Joseph Crackstone’s descendant and Garrett Gates’ younger sister. After Morticia killed Garrett, the Gates family fell apart; thus, Laurel blames Nevermore and the Outcasts for her misfortunes and plans to revive Crackstone to destroy the school. However, she’s unaware of Crackstone’s supernatural connection and rivalry with Wednesday’s ancestor, Goody Addams.

A supernatural showdown

Tyler stands in front of Wednesday in Wednesday.
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Using Weems’ shapeshifting powers, Wednesday tricks a confession out of Laurel. However, Laurel kills Weems and kidnaps Wednesday, using the girl’s blood and numerous body parts from Tyler’s victims to resurrect Crackstone successfully. Crackstone and Laurel leave Wednesday to die, but Goody heals her at the expense of their supernatural bond.

As Crackstone unleashes his supernatural fury on Nevermore, Enid, finally a werewolf, fights Tyler’s Hyde form in the forest while Thing frees Xavier from police custody. The Outcasts flee Nevermore as Wednesday and Crackstone have their final battle, which Wednesday ultimately wins with some unexpected help from Bianca. Eugene then helps bring down Laurel as Enid takes down Tyler.

What’s next for Wednesday?

Wednesday lies on the ground in Wednesday.
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In the fight’s aftermath, Tyler is taken into custody. However, his final scene shows him transforming into the Hyde, suggesting he could escape his chains and return to seek vengeance on Wednesday. With Weems dead, Nevermore closes for the semester, and the students are sent back home. Xavier gives Wednesday a phone, and she receives a mysterious message from a stalker who claims to be watching her. The ending also leaves Thornhill’s fate uncertain, although she’s still alive and probably hating Wednesday more than ever.

Wednesday Addams | Dance Scene | Netflix

With so many pieces in place for a follow-up and the show being a resounding success, fans should expect a continuation. Wednesday is one of the best new shows on Netflix, and the streamer would be wrong not to greenlight a second season. Ortega’s return should be a given, but perhaps showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar can bring other legacy actors from the Addams Family films of the ’90s for the show’s sophomore effort. Dare we dream of Joan Cusack playing the new headmaster in season 2? Thing’s fingers are crossed.

Wednesday season one is now streaming on Netflix.

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