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Where to watch The Traitors (all versions)

The cast of The Traitors season 2.

Reality television competition shows inevitably feature contestants turning on each other. The Traitors is just more overt about it, while also adding some intrigue. The series is based on the Dutch series De Verraders, which has now been adapted all over the world. The premise is simple: There are two sides that the contestants are assigned to fill, the Faithfuls and the Traitors. It’s the job of the Faithfuls to discover the Traitors and vote them out. Meanwhile, the Traitors have to work together to sow distrust and confusion in order to outlast the Faithfuls and claim the grand prize for themselves.

The second season of the American version of The Traitors recently premiered, with X2: X-Men United veteran Alan Cumming as the host. But if you can’t get enough of the American version, we’re going to tell you where to find four different versions of the show.

Where to watch The Traitors (U.S.)

Alan Cumming in The Traitors.

Since the American version of The Traitors is a Peacock original series, it’s not hard to find the show. The first season of The Traitors premiered in January 2023, and the second season followed a year later. Season 2 is still in progress, with new episodes arriving every Thursday.

Where to watch The Traitors (U.K.)

The cast of The Traitors UK.

If the British version of The Traitors looks familiar, it’s because it shares the same setting and location as its American counterpart. Besides having a different host, Claudia Winkleman, and a cast from the U.K., the two shows are largely the same.

That’s probably why Peacock picked up the rights for The Traitors (U.K.) as well. Season 2 of this version is currently being broadcast on BBC One, with the episodes presumably arriving on Peacock at a later date to avoid overlapping with the American show.

Where to watch The Traitors (Australia)

Rodger Corser in promo art for The Traitors Australia.
Endemol Shine Australia

The Australian version of The Traitors is also largely the same, but with Rodger Corser as the host. However, this series has also thrown in a few twists, including the Traitors’ ability to recruit members of the Faithful to their side.

There’s also the Traitors’ Dilemma if the Traitors emerge victorious. For the prize to be split, all of the remaining Traitors must vote “share.” If any of the Traitors vote “steal,” they will get the prize for themselves at the expense of their teammates.

Watch The Traitors (Australia) on Peacock.

Where to watch The Traitors (Canada)

Karine Vanasse and the cast of The Traitors Canada.

Karine Vanasse is the host of The Traitors Canada, which is a lot like its international counterparts. But unlike the other versions, you won’t find this one on Peacock.

This is a CTV original series, and if you want to watch The Traitors Canada in this country, then you’re going to need a VPN in order to use the CTV site for the show. Of course, Canadian viewers can simply watch it on CTV without any issues.

Watch on CTV

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