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Dis-Connect: Apple is getting rid of the Apple Music Connect tab in iOS 10

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Apple Music isn’t even a year old yet, but already Apple is looking to make some pretty significant changes to the service. Apart from the design change, perhaps the biggest alteration is that the company is reportedly set to demote the “Connect” tab.

Connect? I hear you ask. Well, that’s exactly why it’s being demoted. Connect was launched as a fairly major part of Apple Music, aimed at being a place where artists could share photos, videos, lyrics, and more while on tour or in the studio. Unfortunately for Apple, the features has been lightly used by artists and users alike.

According to reports, the Apple Music tab will disappear with the release of a new version of the app in iOS 10, and the Connect feature will instead be integrated into the “For You” page, which offers music recommendations. Artists will still be able to use Connect to show off photos and videos, however its demotion proves that it hasn’t exactly been a hit.

Of course, while Apple Music in general is set to get a pretty big overhaul, considering Connect is getting demoted it’s unlikely we’ll see any major changes to the service’s functionality. When Apple first introduced Apple Music, it touted Connect as a unique and new alternative to other social media, but it turns out that both users and artists prefer the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

It’s largely expected that Apple will unveil the new version of Apple Music at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which will take place in mid-June. Expected features include new support for lyrics, as well as a focus on a cleaner look, which will include larger album artwork in song lists, more black and white elements within the app, a new typeface, and other renovations.

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