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Make all your Spotify tracks available offline with the tap of a button

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If you’re a Spotify user, you may have had to download all of your offline playlists again, after the company issued a new update with increased security. On Monday, Spotify added a new button to its iOS app to make it easier for users to get all of their tracks available offline. All you have to do is tap the new button, and all of your songs will go onto your device for your listening pleasure in Internet-free zones, such as airplanes and subways.

Obviously, the new button is only available for premium subscribers, as users of the free service don’t have access to offline playlists. You can find the new feature in the Songs tab, where you will see a button that says “Available Offline.” Spotify will only allow subscribers to download 3,333 songs on each device, using the new button. These songs will also only stay available offline for 30 days.

Android users already received this cool new feature along with the security update Spotify issued last week after one user’s account was hacked. The minor hack prompted Spotify to revamp its Android and iOS apps with more security. The update asked users to change their usernames and passwords and forced them to download all their offline tracks from scratch again.

Although Spotify apologized for the nuisance, it clearly didn’t want to put users through all that trouble. The new update eliminates the difficulty of going through your tracks one by one, deciding which ones you want offline. Still, you’ll have to wait for all those songs to download and that could take a while.

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