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Tidal celebrates holidays with 12-day, credit card-free and ad-free preview

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Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal has come a long way since its rather rocky beginning, thanks in no small part to the musician’s family’s own exclusive album releases (see Jay Z’s 4:44 and Beyonce’s Lemonade). And now, to show folks who have yet to subscribe to the service just what they’re missing out on, Tidal is offering a 12-day preview to its Hi-Fi and Premium services. 

Beginning on December 25, 2017, and lasting through January 5, 2018, all you’ll need to try out Tidal for yourself is an email address. While Tidal always offers a 30-day trial, activating said trial requires a credit card, and you’ll still be subjected to advertisements. Not so with this holiday-themed special. Because Tidal is offering access to its highest-tiered subscription level, new users will have access to the full platform via mobile, web, and the desktop app.

Moreover, Tidal is debuting four new original content series, giving away tickets, hosting livestreams, and sharing new playlists in order to prepare us all for 2018. In 2017, the platform made a point to differentiate itself from other music streaming services by offering more than just playlists on smartphones. Indeed, Tidal noted, over the last 12 months, the company hosted around 40 livestreams, more than 70 events, released 335 original videos, and was able to debut more than 40 exclusive tracks, albums, and videos with members. 

“Heading into 2018, we’re looking forward to giving TIDAL members more access and a high-quality soundtrack to everyday life,” said Tony Gervino, Vice President, Culture & Content. “We value what music and music culture means to people and trust this preview will give music fans a taste of the elevated music experience that TIDAL is offering its customers.”

Seeking to offer music fans a “well-rounded view of artists as people,” Tidal notes that its goal is to help musicians establish a more meaningful connection with their supporters. Throughout the 12-day preview period, Tidal is slated to release exclusive content each and every day. So while you may not end up with a partridge in a pear tree, you may just luck into free tickets instead. You can check out the full Tidal holiday content schedule here.

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