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Amazon’s retail rivals enjoy a sales bump from Prime Day

Amazon’s rival retailers are benefiting from Amazon Prime Day deals with an increase in online revenues and offering their own online discounts. 

According to CNBC, Adobe Analytics — a data service that measures transactions at some of the top U.S. retailers — is reporting that big-named retailers that rack in over $1 billion in yearly revenue saw a 64% increase in online sales on Monday, which was the first of two days of Prime Day deals. 

Niche retailers, or companies that make less than $5 million in yearly revenue, also saw an increase in online sales. Adobe reports that these smaller retailers saw a 30% increase yesterday. 

Amazon Prime Day began Monday, July 15. For the first time, the event will last 48 hours, which is the longest Prime Day in the history of the event. Prime Day offers savings on tech, home, beauty, health, and more, on top of Amazon Prime’s free shipping.

Retailers including Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and Best Buy cashed in on the Prime Day frenzy with their own, separate deals and discounts. Target is pushing its Target Deal Days, Walmart has “The Big Save” sales event, and Best Buy is promoting its Flash Sale deals. All of these events are occurring at the same slotted time as Amazon Prime Day. 

Digital Trends reached out to the retailers above for comment, but has yet to hear back about a spike in sales trends. 

With all of these sales to choose from, Adobe reports that Amazon Prime Day is the third-most-popular period for online shopping next to the holiday shopping season. Online sales are expected to top $2 billion during Prime Day. 

According to a press release from Amazon, Amazon sellers saw the biggest 24-hour sales day in Amazon’s history during the first day of Amazon Prime Day. These statistics mostly impacted small and medium-sized businesses who sell their products on Amazon. 

Last year, Amazon Prime Day lasted 36 hours and sold more than 100 million products. Amazon said that 2018 was the biggest global shopping event in its history, but with current sales predictions and an extended time slot, this year’s sales are expected to surpass last year’s event. 

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