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The Adobe Iota all-in-one home security system gains Apple HomeKit support

Apple HomeKit often gets the short end of the stick in terms of compatibility. The system lags behind Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in the number of devices it works with, as well as the number of features it offers. However, HomeKit has its own group of die-hard fans who would rather use it than any other system. Adobe Systems has now announced Apple HomeKit compatibility for its Iota all-in-one home security system. Adobe says users can download the update through the Apple Home app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The company’s more traditional Gen 1 and Gen 2 systems are scheduled to add HomeKit compatibility sometime in the near future, too.

The HomeKit compatibility allows users to arm and disarm their system, receive alerts, and check a live feed of their security camera, all through the HomeKit app. Users can also access the information by asking Siri to perform any of these tasks. Remote access is possible provided the user has a 4th-generation Apple TV, a HomePod, or an iPad running iOS 10 or later in the home —  a requirement for remote access to any HomeKit system, not just Adobe’s.

The Iota all-in-one smart home security system has a built-in 1080p camera, a motion sensor, and two-way audio. Users can now also add any and all Adobe-branded door, window, and motion sensors to the Home app as long as they are connected through the Iota gateway.

Existing users will need to implement the update that released today, but anyone who purchases an Iota kit in the future will easily be able to integrate the system through the Adobe app. Once the Iota all-in-one security system is linked to HomeKit, it can be controlled via the Home app rather than the Adobe app.

The addition of more devices and systems to HomeKit is a promising sign for the future of the platform. Competition continues to heat up between Google and Amazon, with little to no attention given to Apple. Though fans lament the oversight, it might provide Apple the time the company needs to acquire partnerships with more developers and make smart home automation a more integral part of the Apple ecosystem.

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