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Vintage and modern spin together in new streaming turntable from Como

You’ve heard of smart lights. You’ve heard of smart speakers. But have you heard of a smart turntable? Como Audio, a Boston-based company, plans to launch a voice-controlled smart speaker this fall that works in conjunction with their previously-announced SpeakEasy Stereo System. The Como Audio Turntable is slated to sell for $399 in limited quantities. While the turntable itself doesn’t have any smart features (aside from Bluetooth connectivity), it can be paired with a set of speakers that do.

Vinyl enthusiasts will likely love the look of this turntable. The walnut finish makes it look like something straight out of the late 1980s. The turntable comes with two speakers. The speakers have Google Assistant built into them to enable voice control of the turntable along with multiroom playback. Users can use the speakers to play internet-connected apps like Spotify through Google Assistant if they don’t want to use the turntable itself.

The specs hint at great audio quality, too. Each speaker has a custom three-inch woofer and a 0.75-inch tweeter to make sure all of the highs and lows come through crystal-clear. The speaker is 5 x 5 inches at its base and stands 9.4 inches tall. They also include a tuned port at the rear of each speaker that doubles as a carrying handle. Perhaps best of all, the speakers have a battery that allows them to function without being plugged in. On a full charge, the system is expected to provide up to eight hours of playback.

The turntable functions like a normal one, with one exception: It can be fitted with an Ortofon phono cartridge that lets it be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled system. This means users can play their favorite vinyl over their favorite Bluetooth speakers and bring classic music into the modern age.

Como Audio provides buyers with multiple finish options, including the previously mentioned walnut, hickory, piano black, piano white, or a choice of one of five designer colors. Any option besides walnut will increase the price of the system to $499. The Como Audio Turntable is protected with a two-year warranty and includes a 15-foot speaker cable.

A current Indiegogo campaign offers a package deal that combines the SpeakEasy speakers with the Como Audio Turntable for $499, but the entire package will later retail for $798 on its own.

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