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Shop while you wash: Kenmore adds Dash Replenishment to smart washers

Kenmore’s latest addition to their line of smart appliances was made with the forgetful laundry-doer in mind. If you’ve ever been in the middle of doing your laundry only to realize you’re out of detergent, dryer sheets, or any other necessity, you can now automatically reorder products from Amazon with integrated Amazon Dash Replenishment.

Last year, Kenmore added Amazon Dash Replenishment to all of its smart refrigerators. The brand has now brought that same functionality to some of its smart washers, smart dryers, and smart dishwashers. Items like laundry detergent and dishwasher pods can automatically be reordered on Amazon when you run low.

Setting up the function is as easy as enabling it through the Kenmore Smart App on your smartphone. Just link your Amazon account to your Kenmore Smart App and select the items you want to reorder. The system makes it so you don’t have to worry about running out — you’ll always have more on hand, as if by magic.

In a press release, Peter Boutros, president of Kenmore, said, “Our customers rely on our appliances to help make their busy lives more convenient. Extending Amazon Dash Replenishment to key Kenmore dishwasher and laundry products helps deliver on that promise.”

This addition is only for the newest items in the Kenmore line. Two front-load washers, one top-load washer, three electric dryers, and three gas dryers all have Amazon Dash Replenishment added to them.

This announcement is one more in a trend of appliances with Dash Replenishment buttons. Many companies have already added these buttons to their appliances; LG is a recent example. The company announced at the Kitchen and Bath Showcase in Las Vegas that it has already integrated Amazon Dash Replenishment into its entire expanding portfolio of smart appliances.

Of course, this news came only two weeks before Amazon announced its intent to stop selling the press-to-order version of the Dash buttons. Each one of these was linked to an individual product, and Amazon offered hundreds of options. Advancements in technology and the inclusion of these buttons in appliances makes them somewhat obsolete these days. Amazon claims the buttons were never a long-term solution, but rather a stepping stone as smart home tech continued to advance and improve.

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