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Intel Core i9-13900K held between fingertips.

The iPhone 15’s chip challenges Intel’s fastest desktop CPU — but there’s a catch

Intel and AMD have a surprising new rival in Apple, but not in the way you think.
maingear releases gaming pcs north and noctua pc profile

This Noctua-themed gaming PC is a bespoke beauty — and you can buy it

Maingear has just unveiled two new prebuilt desktops, and one thing is certain: Gaming PCs have never looked more stylish.
Coca-Cola's Y3000 drink.

Coca-Cola apparently used AI to create a soda ‘from the future’

Drinks giant Coca-Cola has jumped on the AI bandwagon with the launch of a beverage apparently created with the help of the in-vogue technology.
iPhone 12 in purple.

Why every iPhone 12 in France could be recalled

Three years after Apple launched the device, the French authorities are threatening to recall all iPhone 12 devices over safety concerns.
View of the iPhone 15 Pro's camera module.

Watch all of Apple’s Wonderlust videos right here

Apple has released a bunch of videos introducing the new iPhones and Apple Watches that landed on Tuesday. You can watch them all here.
An Apple Watch Hermes band.

Hermès offers new range of non-leather – and leather – bands for Apple Watch

Following speculation that Apple's partnership with Hermès could be about to end, the relationship appears as solid as ever following Apple's Wonderlust event.
Apple Watch Ultra 2

This is the Apple Watch Ultra 2, and it looks stunning

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 has just been revealed alongside the iPhone 15 and the Apple Watch Series 9. And, yes, it looks fantastic.
Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8.

Cyberpunk 2077 might force you to upgrade your CPU

If you want to play the new Cyberpunk 2077 expansion, Phantom Liberty, you may need to make sure your PC is ready for it first.
Drop's V2 keyboard range.

Drop’s legendary mechanical keyboards are finally getting an update

Drop has just announced a slew of exciting news regarding its Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keyboards. New versions are on the horizon.
disney unveils a collectible for its top fans

Disney’s collectible for fans ‘costs more than a Disney vacation’

As part of its centenary celebrations, Disney is offering fans a pricey collectible that includes 100 of its animated movies and a Mickey Mouse ornament.
A Windows 11 device sits on a table.

I hope Microsoft adds this rumored AI feature to Windows 11

AI is slowly making its way everywhere, and soon, it might be able to make your Windows 11 wallpapers look way cooler.
best telepresence robots

Telepresence classroom robots trialed for absent students

A school in Japan will deploy telepresence robots that can be controlled by absent students in the hope that it may encourage them to return to the classroom.
Apple Watch bands by Hermes.

Hermès removes all leather Apple Watch bands from its site

It's not yet clear if the move confirms recent reports that partner Apple is planning to pivot away from leather accessories for its range of devices.
An Uber App on a smartphone.

Uber might launch a handyperson service like TaskRabbit

Code found in Uber's iPhone app suggests the company is exploring the idea of launching a service similar to TaskRabbit.
Steam Deck sitting on a pink background.

Steam Deck 2? This leak suggests Valve is working on new hardware

It seems that Valve might have a new device up its sleeve, but what is it going to be? Are we due for a Steam Deck 2 yet, or is it something else?
GE Aerospace's Sensiworm robot.

The squishy Sensiworm robot goes places other robots can’t

GE Aerospace has unveiled a remarkable -- and remarkably squishy -- robot called Sensiworm that’s set to enhance aircraft safety.
Render of an AMD Ryzen chip.

Security or performance? With this AMD vulnerability, you can’t have both

This AMD Zen 2 vulnerability has the potential to steal your passwords, but if you want a fix, you'll need to make a tough decision.
GoPro's Hero 12 Black action camera.

GoPro unveils its latest action camera, the Hero 12 Black

Unveiled on Wednesday, GoPro's new Hero 12 Black action camera offers a few notable upgrades that include a significant boost to battery life.
A UPS delivery drone built by Matternet.

FAA gives UPS’ drone delivery efforts a big boost

UPS' drone delivery ambitions have been given a significant boost following a key decision by the Federal Aviation Administration.
Blue screen of death on on TV.

MSI just fixed a massive problem affecting Intel’s best CPUs

MSI just managed to fix a major problem that got some users stuck in a spiral of computer crashes. Here's what you need to know to avoid this issue.
amazon tweaks in garage delivery to make it less convenient

Amazon tweaks in-garage delivery option, so now you might have to pay

Amazon's In-Garage Delivery option is currently free no matter what day you have a package delivered, but from next month that will change.

Spotify is testing the removal of a popular feature from its free tier

In a bid to nudge more people toward paying for its music streaming service, Spotify is testing the removal of a popular feature from the free tier.
MSI RTX 4090 Suprim X on a pink background.

The situation with melting RTX 4090 connectors just got more complicated

The saga of RTX 4090 GPUs burning up continues. Many people thought it was over, but using an adapter left some users with a broken GPU and a denied RMA claim.
Android Apps on Windows 11.

How to install Android apps on Windows 11

Windows 11 supports Android apps through the Amazon Appstore, but getting everything set up is tricky. Here's how to install Android apps on Windows 11.
Light trails from racing drones.

AI drone beats pro drone racers at their own game

An AI drone has beaten pro drone racers at their own game in a world's first that could have implications for other drone-related tasks.
Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

MSI’s new RTX 4090 might finally convince me to buy one

MSI has just unveiled a slew of new graphics cards, and it appears to have done the impossible -- it turned the RTX 4090 into a normal-sized card.
facial recognition

Google now lets you know the best time to book a cheap flight

The latest version of Google Flights offers useful information designed to help you make a more informed choice when booking a trip.
RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT on a pink background.

Gamers are finally buying new graphics cards again

According to the latest market figures, graphics card sales are slowly climbing back up, despite it being a traditionally weak time of the year.
TCL 40 NXTPAPER LTE only and 5G budget smartphones with ePaper-like color display.

We’ve never seen a phone with a screen like this before

What happens when you combine an e-ink display with an Android phone? You get the new TCL 40 NXTPAPER smartphone, which is unlike anything we've seen before.
Amazon logo on the headquarters building.

Amazon makes it harder for non-Prime members to get free delivery

Online shopping giant Amazon is increasing the amount that non-Prime members will have to spend to qualify for free shipping.
AMD's Scott Herkalman presenting the RX 7800 XT graphics card.

AMD’s two new GPUs significantly undercut Nvidia

AMD has just announced the upcoming release of two new graphics cards: Radeon RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT. Here's what we know about them.
A Wing drone delivery a package from Walmart.

Wing and Walmart partner for Dallas drone delivery service

Wing and Walmart says their new drone delivery service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will get orders to customers within just 30 minutes.
Windows 11 blue error crash screen.

Windows just gave us another reason not to download fresh updates

If you tend to download optional updates as soon as possible, Microsoft has just given you another reason not to do it.
A cargo ship testing giant rigid sails.

Pioneering ‘WindWings’ technology could make cargo ships greener

An experimental cargo ship with enormous rigid sails could lead to a major reduction in emissions by the global shipping industry.