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REI has a whole suite of apps to help you navigate the great outdoors

With more than 145 retail stores and a website filled with the latest and greatest equipment, REI is the largest outdoor gear retailer in the U.S. But anyone who is familiar with the company knows it is more than a gear shop, offering advice to hikers and climbers, organizing adventurous trips to far-flung places, and providing interesting in-store seminars, all while advocating for the conservation of wild places. The company even goes to great lengths to help its customers get outdoors, often organizing local activities. Now, with a whole suite of REI mobile apps, the company is bringing some of those same services to your phone.

There are eight apps, each of which has its own purpose. For instance, the Shopping App (iOS/Android) allows users to peruse REI’s online store for the gear they need on their outdoor adventures. Customers can search for specific items from a wide variety of brands, compare different products, and read reviews. They can also place orders either for home delivery or pick-up in their local REI store and pay for the gear from the app.

Five of the apps all share similar functionality and are designed to help users find places to take part in their favorite outdoor activities. The Hiking Project (iOS/Android), MTB Project (iOS/Android), and the Powder Project (iOS/Android) each help their users find trails to hike, mountain bike, and ski, respectively, while the Trail Run Project (iOS/Android) and Mountain Project (iOS/Android) do the same for trail runners and climbers. Each program uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to find the best options nearby but they also have searchable databases for destinations that you may be traveling to. These apps provide access to hundreds of trails across the U.S., making them essential for any outdoor enthusiast.

The final two options include the National Park Guide and Maps app (iOS/Android) and the REI MasterCard (iOS/Android). The first of those offers trail maps, photos, and other data from America’s national parks, making it a must-have for anyone who likes to visit those wild places. Meanwhile, as the name implies, the credit card app allows users to apply for and manage their REI card.

You can find out more on each of these apps on the REI website, or install them directly from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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