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Recycled Asokee case adds filters, mic, grip, and more to a simple GoPro

The GoPro’s size makes the camera ideal for taking anywhere, but not so ideal for accessories or handheld shooting. One YouTuber, however, is working to change that with a recycled case that allows the tiny action camera to easily use filters and mics. The Asokee case also gives the camera a better grip, while still allowing access to controls and the charging port.

Designed by YouTuber Mattia Ciucciarelli, the Asokee is inspired by vlogging — and by some of the complaints creators have cited about working with the small camera. The case is designed to accommodate the GoPro microphone adapter and a microphone to create a less awkward setup, while also ensuring that the mic is always positioned so that the GoPro’s wide-angle lens doesn’t catch the mic in the shot.

With both the GoPro and the mic adapter tucked inside, a mic can be added to the cold shoe slot at the top, plugging into the port at the bottom next to the power port and a standard 1/4 thread for adding a tripod.

At the front of the camera, the case houses a screw mount for 52mm filters, allowing for further flexibility with polarizing filters, neutral density filters, and other filters. The case will also accommodate a DSLR-like neck strap.

The case is constructed from recycled plastic and aluminum. The waterproof door needs to be removed for access to the camera’s ports, so the creator built in a storage slot to prevent losing the door. (Note that without the door, the GoPro is no longer waterproof). 

The case still allows access to both of the GoPro’s controls, while keeping both the rear and front screen visible. The creator says that the chunky buttons make navigating the options easier than with a naked GoPro, giving the controls a more noticeable click.

The case is designed to work with the GoPro Hero5, Hero6 and Hero7.

The creator of the Asokee — a startup by the same name —  is looking to crowdfunding to launch the manufacturing and distribution, with more than 70 percent of the goal reached with about two weeks to go. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the case could ship as early as December for pledges starting at about $45. Besides using recycled materials in the product, the startup is also promising to plant a tree for every pledge made.

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