Insta360 camera for Android is already halfway to its funding goal after one day

The accessory that turns smartphones into affordable 360 cameras could be coming to Android. On Monday, Insta360 launched the dual-lens Air on Indiegogo.

The smartphone accessory live-streams 360-degree video — and snaps stills — using two 220-degree lenses, image stabilization, and integrated stitching software. Plugged into the top of the phone, the camera captures about 3,000 pixels stretched across that 360-degree view for stills, or 2K for videos at 30fps.

The Insta360 Air isn’t the company’s first jaunt with 360. The Insta360 Nano is an iPhone-compatible version. While the two cameras have a completely different look — the Nano sporting a rectangular shape while the Air is a sphere — the company says the quality from the two will be similar. Besides the iOS compatibility, the pricier Nano has a built-in battery, while the Air uses a charge from the smartphone’s battery.

The Insta360 Air uses four different viewing modes: the traditional scrollable 360, the Little Planet, flat mode, and a VR mode for using with goggles. The camera connects to Android smartphones through a Micro USB or Type-C port. The camera can also double as a webcam by connecting the camera to a laptop using an extension arm.

Both lenses are 210 degree fisheyes with a f/2.4 maximum aperture. Insta360 says that both the shutter speed and ISO on the camera are adjustable.

Smaller than a golf ball, the sphere-shaped camera sits about an inch and a half tall, weighing a pocketable .93 ounces (26.5 g).

After only a day of crowd funding, the campaign has already reached over half of its $20,000 goal. The Insta360 Air is selling to early backers for $99 if that campaign reaches full funding over the next month, with retail price expected to sit at $119. Insta360 says it expects the product to ship to backers in March of 2017.

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