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New lens filter system for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ cameras add enhanced visuals

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For photographers and videographers, a set of filters is often an indispensable tool (and we’re not talking about the digital filters in Instagram). During daylight, a neutral density filter allows you to shoot at a wide aperture or use long shutter speeds, while a polarizer filter makes colors pop and helps eliminate reflections. In black-and-white photography, color filters help emphasize objects of a specific color, and for underwater photography filters are often needed to get rid of color casts.

While many imaging gear have lenses that come with a thread for screw-in filters, tiny action cams like the GoPro Hero 3/ 3+ don’t offer the capability to attach a filter, by design. Of course, you can always squeeze a filter gel in-between the GoPro’s lens and the protective case, but DIY jobs of this kind often aren’t a viable long-term solution.

Lee Filters, manufacturer of filters and filter gels for cameras and flashes, has come up with a solution that allows GoPro Hero 3/ 3+ users to attach various filters to their action cams. Coming in two versions, one for each camera model, the Lee Bug filter system is available either as an above-ground Action Kit or as an Underwater Kit.

The Action Kit comprises the filter holder, which attaches to the GoPro case and locates the filter in front of the camera lens, as well as a graduated, 3-stop neutral density filter (which will turn the sky dark while keeping the ground bright) and a polarizer filter. The Underwater Kit instead contains two filters that help neutralize color casts in fresh- and seawater.

The Lee Bug Underwater Kit comes with filters that reduce color casts when shooting under water.
The Lee Bug Underwater Kit comes with filters that reduce color casts when shooting under water.

In the near future, Lee Filters plans on introducing more filters to use with the Lee Bug filter system. While Lee Filters operates in the U.S. market, for now only the U.K. prices for the kits are available. According to the press release, the Lee Bug Action Kit will be available for GBP 59.02 (USD $101) for the GoPro Hero 3 and for GBP 66.31 (USD $114) for the Hero 3+, while the Underwater Kit will retail for GBP 45.20 (USD %77.58) for the Hero 3 and GBP 52.62 (USD $90.32) for the Hero 3+. All prices contain U.K. taxes, so they are subject to change once the kits become available in the U.S.

Head to the Lee Filters website for more info.

(Via dpreview)

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