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Mavic 3 design change reduces the drone’s price

DJI launched the Mavic 3 to glowing reviews in 2021, with its Hasselblad dual-camera system, 4/3 CMOS 20-megapixel sensor, 5.1K video, and decent 46 minutes of flight time marking it out as DJI’s flagship consumer drone.

Its starting price of $2,049 is, however, prohibitive for many people, while those looking at the Combo option have to drop an even heavier wad of notes totaling $2,849.

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Well, a year on from the launch of the Mavic 3, DJI has unveiled the Mavic 3 Classic in a bid to win over customers interested in the original model but who don’t want to spend so much.

DJI - Introducing Mavic 3 Classic

Available now, the new Mavic 3 Classic is pretty much identical to the Mavic 3 save for one big difference — it doesn’t have a telephoto camera, leaving it with a single, 24mm prime lens.

This design change gives it a drone-only price tag of $1,469, though for that you’ll need to have your own compatible controller.

The Classic option that includes DJI’s RC-N1 remote controller retails for $1,599, making it $450 cheaper than the Mavic 3 that comes with the same controller.

The Fly More Kit, which includes two batteries, a 100W battery charging hub, a 65W car charger, a carrying bag, and propellers, comes as a separate bundle and costs an additional $649, pushing the Mavic 3 Classic to $2,248, whereas the Mavic 3 Fly More Combo as a complete kit (i.e. with the drone) costs $2,849. That’s $601 more than the equivalent Mavic 3 Classic, though the difference is even bigger if you purchase the Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo, which includes a 1TB SSD drive and support for the Apple ProRES 422 codec, for $4,999.

Like the Mavic 3, the new Mavic 3 Classic captures up to 5.1K/50 frames per second (fps), 4K/60 fps, and 1080p/60fps using H.264 and H.265 encoders. In slow-motion applications, the Mavic 3 Classic captures video at 4K/120fps and 1080p/200fps.

Here’s the pricing direct from DJI, with the cost of the original, telephoto-lens-equipped Mavic 3 shown in brackets:

Mavic 3 Classic (drone only) does not include a remote controller or charger and is “ideal for owners of existing DJI drones who are ready to move up to the top-of-the-line camera performance of Mavic 3.” Compatible with any existing DJI RC-N1, DJI RC or DJI RC Pro controller. Price: $1,469.

Mavic 3 Classic (DJI RC-N1) includes a charger and the DJI RC-N1 remote controller. Price: $1,599.

Mavic 3 Classic (DJI RC) includes a charger and the DJI RC remote controller with a built-in 5.5-inch HD display. Price: $1,749.

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