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Now on Kickstarter, Miops Mobile could be the world's most advanced camera remote

After successfully launching a high-speed camera trigger on Kickstarter more than two years ago, Miops is back on the crowdfunding platform with Miops Mobile, a versatile camera remote loaded with advanced features.

Like other smartphone-connected wireless remotes, the Miops Mobile includes a wealth of standard functions for controlling your DSLR or mirrorless camera  — interval shooting for time lapses, bracketed sequences for doing high dynamic range (HDR) composites, and long-exposure control. But it also brings a host of new capabilities, like triggers for vibration, sound, motion, and even distance.

While most of these triggers have all existed in separate devices before, Miops Mobile integrates them into one sleek unit. And it is the distance trigger that is especially intriguing. By using your phone’s GPS signal, you can set the remote to take a picture every 50 feet, for example. This is great for driving time lapses, which otherwise waste needless exposures while your car is stopped at a light or stuck in traffic.

Another unique feature of Miops Mobile is its ability to program all of these functions into a sequence, which Miops calls a scenario. Scenarios can be scheduled to begin and end at specific times and can include any combination of triggers in between. On the most basic level, this would allow you to set up a remote camera at a wedding venue before the guests arrive and program it to begin taking pictures during the ceremony.

The Kickstarter campaign launched Tuesday and Miops Mobile has raised nearly $40,000 (as of this writing). It looks likely to meet its $50,000 goal by the October 23 deadline, and the units are expected to ship in April of next year. Backers can secure a Miops Mobile remote with a pledge of $79 or more, but it’s important to remember that, while Miops has a successful track record on the platform, backing a Kickstarter project does not guarantee the product will be delivered.

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