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Nine in ten believe videos are better in 360, new Nikon survey shows

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Jim Lennon/Nikon
Most Americans believe current video content would be better in 360 — Nikon today shared the results of a national survey designed to reveal current perceptions concerning the emerging 360-degree market. The study revealed that 90 percent of Americans believe that current video content would be better in 360, while 92 percent would like to shoot their own 360 videos.

The online survey of 1,000 Americans over age 18 demonstrated big potential for camera manufacturers as well. While only 25 percent have used a 360 camera, almost three quarters wanted to try out the technology. The survey comes on the heels of Nikon’s first 360 camera, the KeyMission 360.

The survey, conducted by Wakefield Research from November 15 to 21, also looked into the types of content that consumers believe would be better using the relatively new technology. Sports took the lead in the individual categories, with 60 percent of those surveyed hoping to see games broadcast in 360. Live entertainment followed at 55 percent, with movies at 39 percent. Only about a third of respondents thought news programs and TV shows should use 360.

For consumer-level cameras like the Nikon KeyMission, the respondents also shared the type of content they would shoot. Vacations topped the list at 60 percent while family moments sat at just above half, followed by milestones (45 percent), outdoor activities (42 percent), and sports. And 15 percent even said they would use a 360 camera while “getting intimate with a partner.”

“As Nikon enters this emerging space with the new KeyMission 360 camera, the Nikon Life in 360 study sheds intriguing light on the interest of consumers in capturing and sharing their experiences in a new, exciting way,” said Lisa Baxt, associate general manager of communications for Nikon. “Nikon is committed to innovation in this space and providing creators with the tools to capture, experience, and share their lives in 360.”

While the types of shots varied, almost all of the participants agreed that the technology showed promise — 98 percent said that 360 videos can be more exciting than other video technology.

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