A camera bag that’s ready for adventure: PRVKE 21 by WANDRD

The quest for the perfect camera bag is one every avid photographer will ultimately find himself on. And what should be a simple search can turn into an existential crisis.

Wandrd hopes to make the decision-making process easy: The camera-bag maker is back on Kickstarter to launch the Prvke 21 (pronounced “provoke”), a follow-up to last year’s Prvke bag. And your quest may be over.

The Prvke 21 was born out of feedback from backers of the original bag, who requested a smaller version. Much like its predecessor, the Prvke 21 is a roll-top backpack with a customizable interior, and it’s rugged enough to take out on a hike, for short-term travel, or as an everyday commuter bag. The Prvke 21 meaures 17 × 11 × 6.5 inches and weighs three pounds (when empty), and its main compartment has a 21-liter volume (expandable to 25). In comparison, the standard Prvke weighs five pounds and has a cargo hold of 32 liters.

PRVKE21 Photo Gear

The Prvke 21’s removable camera cube (where you put your gear) makes the most of the interior. It is designed to hold a mirrorless and up to four lenses, or a large, full-frame camera body (like a Canon 5D or Nikon D750) and a couple of lenses. One nice touch is the inclusion of a strap system that can be fitted inside the main compartment to allow for hands-free access to gear, as well as a “workstation” setup for changing lenses. There’s also an integrated camera sling to take it off your neck while keeping the camera at the ready.

The integrated camera sling keeps your gear close at hand and weight off your neck.
The integrated camera sling keeps your gear close at hand and weight off your neck.

The bag also has front pockets, a padded tri-fold sleeve for your laptop, a hidden document/passport pocket, another pocket to stow away SD memory cards or extra batteries, a fleece-lined pocket perfect for your phone, and even a place for your keys. With all the valuable gear the Prvke 21 is likely to hold, it’ll need to be nearly indestructable. Made with ballistic nylon, water-resistant Tarpaulin and YKK zippers, the PRVKE 21 not only keeps your gear safe and dry but looks damned good doing it. A nice touch is the magnetic loops and oversized buckles allow you to go from backpack to tote with easy and confidence.

Photo Hike
PRVKE21 Water bottle

Although you’re probably not going to be able to carry a Canon 1D and a super-telephoto lens, this bag is a dream for anyone looking for a rugged, yet stylish bag that doesn’t scream out, “rob me I’m carrying expensive camera equipment!” The bag was recently announced as a new Kickstarter campaign and as of this writing has wildly exceeded the initial $20k goal the company was seeking, with over $217k raised.

Early-bird backers can expect the first bags out by Christmas (Dec. 25, 2016).

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