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Using Snapchat, this dad has been turning his baby into a superhero

snapdad turns photos of his son into drawings superheroes header
Every once in awhile, you’ll come across a Snapchat that doesn’t deserve to self-destruct after just a few seconds. And if you’re friends with Lukas Costeur of Belgium, those Snapchats come more than once in awhile — it’s more like anytime his baby goes to bed.

In one of the most creative (and definitely adorable) uses of Snapchat yet, graphic designer Costeur regularly transforms his adorable little son from a human child to a superhero, a comic book character, and much more.

Under his father’s watchful eye and artistic hand, baby Felix has been turned into everything from a literal cutie pie (no seriously, his head just pokes out of a pastry), to Spiderman, to Harry Potter. Anytime his wife takes a well-deserved break from looking after the child, Costeur take over, and needless to say, has his fun.

“When his mom gives him his feeding I wanted to let her rest and the quicker she can go to bed the better,” Costeur told Mashable. “I took a picture and started drawing in snapchat with the basic sketching tools it has but every night since his birth he seems to like it and so do we.”

Dad’s artistic talents are on full display, but he’s not looking to keep a monopoly on the baby-decorating game. On his appropriately named Tumblr, Snapdad, he not only documents the wide range of his illustrations, but also shares tips and tricks on how he manages to create his stunning effects. According to Costeur, all of his work is completed using little more than a Nexus 5 smartphone (the 2013 model), a Wacom Bamboo stylus, a Duracell power bank, and a USB cable. Oh, and quite a bit of talent.

He’s already amassed dozens of illustrations and doesn’t seem to have any intentions of stopping anytime soon, and we can only wait and see what he’ll do as baby Felix gets older. But for now, if you want to follow his antics, simply add him on Snapchat: “Costeur.”

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