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SteadXP is a camera add-on that takes the shakes out of video

One startup is aiming to make it easy to edit the shakes out of video with a plug-and-play solution. SteadXP is an add-on with both built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that measures camera movement while recording, then syncs with software to automatically remove camera shake from the footage.

Having started life as a Kickstarter success, the SteadXP is on display at 2017 CES this week. It’s available in two forms: it either plugs into a hot shoe slot and microphone port of a DSLR or mirrorless camera, or onto the back of a GoPro Hero4 Black. While shooting, the device measures any subtle camera movements. Once the filming is finished, uploading the video and then attaching the SteadXP to a computer allows the software to remove that camera shake on three different axises.

The SteadXP version for GoPro attaches to the BacPac port.

Traditional optical stabilization systems are available through either in-camera systems or accessories like gimbals. The SteadXP’s editing program will crop frames to stabilize footage, and allows users to select from different presets to choose the level of stabilization. Since the SteadXP system eliminates camera shake after the actual recording, the SteadXP is by definition electronic stabilization, not the optical type (although the company told us it’s a hybrid gadget that combines both hardware and software).

Still, the SteadXP could be a compact alternative for boosting video quality, creating smarter electronic stabilization by actually measuring how much the camera moves with the accelerometer and gyroscope inside. It’s useful with cameras that don’t offer any stabilization, and it’s a more convenient solution than using more cumbersome gimbals. The GoPro back is also considerably smaller than using a gyroscope, so the device could be handy when keeping a compact, lightweight mount is important. In the Stead XP’s demonstrations, the program was also able to flip upside-down video in action mounts.

After being funded on Kickstarter in 2015 with over half a million dollars from over 2,000 people, the latest SteadXP+ model is currently up for pre-orders at the startup’s website. The stabilization add-on is selling for 260,00€ for the hot shoe mount, which roughly translates into about $272 in USD, or 190,00€ for the GoPro version (about $198 USD).

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