Google social project may be dubbed Emerald Sea, integrate everywhere

Emerald SeaJust days ago, it was reported that Google would be delaying the introduction of its social networking project, failing to meet its original goal of launching in 2010. While no prospective date has been announced, some bits and pieces of the internal process and what to expect are leaking out.

The Q&A site Quora recently had an anonymous user explain that Google is in the process of testing the social initiative, which the source says is referred to as “Emerald City” within the company. The source also defended the impact of Google’s coming feature, saying it “will launch as a major initiative across multiple services at once…it is by no means done and is extremely ambitious in nature.”

TechCrunch has a few inside Google sources who support the Quora statement, although they and site claim the codename is “Emerald Sea.” Aside from the name gaffe, it sounds like speculation regarding the nature of the coming service is dead one. If everything we’re hearing is correct, there will be no stand alone site. Instead, Google will be incorporating major social elements into its current features.

Of course, what fun would a codename be if we all didn’t speculate about its meaning? Multiple sources are referencing a John Ringo novel by the same name centered around a protagonist who must convince mermaid-like creatures to ally with “the Freedom Coalition” and take down the fascist enemies of “New Destiny,” all after the technology apocalypse. Once source suggested Facebook may be Google’s own New Destiny, but despite any rivalry, that seems like a stretch.

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