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Instagram will finally let you choose who can tag or mention you

Instagram will soon allow users to choose who is allowed to tag them in posts.

Announced on Tuesday, a new option in the Instagram settings will allow users to select from three different settings when allowing @mentions. The feature is rolling out with two other updates designed to help curb bullying on the platform.

Inside the privacy section of Instagram settings, the new feature allows users to adjust tag settings by going to Interactions > Tags. Instagram users can select to allow tags from everyone, only people you follow, or no one.

Previously, Instagram only had an option to manually approve every tag, a control that still remains an option. With the update, users can choose manual tag approval, or choose to automatically allow tags from users that they also follow, or to just turn off tagging in general.

While not user-specific, the update could help eliminate spam tags as well as potentially limiting the spread of cyberbullying, since adding a tag can expand the number of people who view a post.

Instagram is now also allowing users to manage comments by adding the ability to delete multiple comments at once. The feature is found in the “…” menu on the post under the “Manage Comments” option. The tool will likely be most helpful for larger and public accounts regularly dealing with a high volume of spam and other unwanted comments.

Finally, Instagram users may soon also be able to pin favorite comments to the top, so followers looking in the comments will see that comment first. Unlike the other two features, Instagram says the testing of this feature is beginning soon, so users won’t see this option for a while yet.

The option to adjust tag permissions and bulk delete comments is beginning to roll out now, Instagram said

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