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Newly redesigned web app aims to make social media graphics simple

pixteller redesigned
PixTeller / Screenshot
Graphics on social media tend to have a much greater reach than text-only posts — and one Romanian startup is aiming to make the process of creating those graphics as simple as possible. PixTeller is a web-based graphic design platform intended to be simple enough for anyone to use, from making Facebook cover photos to turning inspirational quotes into shareable photos.

PixTeller has been around since 2014, but the program recently underwent a drastic upgrade at the end of 2016, going from a limited CSS and JQuery editor for images up to 605 pixels in width to a template-based drag-and-drop graphics designer. The platform is designed for both personal and commercial users to create projects ranging from social media graphics to photo albums and multi-page documents.

Graduating from a single-image editor to a multi-page, multi-template platform, PixTeller now offers a number of different options. Users can start with pre-designed templates to quickly customize, or use a side panel to add shapes, photos, text, and drawings to start from scratch.

PixTeller also serves as a community — designers can share their own templates and mark them for public use, which means the platform’s range of templates will likely grow beyond the templates the company produces. Graphics can be saved both publicly and privately.

PixTeller CEO Alexandru Roznovat says the program makes it possible to create designs quickly, mentioning that he created 4,000 templates in about three weeks using PixTeller.

With the re-designed platform, PixTeller continues to be accessible for free — but with a watermark. A new business subscription plan removes the watermark and opens up files to save under different formats, including PNG, GIF, and PDF. The extra features are available with a $9 monthly subscription.

The redesigned design platform now has over 80,000 registered users.

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