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Recolor objects in your photos with Snapchat's new Tint Brush tool

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Snapchat’s camera features are bulking up — including a new way to post videos longer than ten seconds. On Tuesday, July 19, Snapchat began rolling out Multi Snap, a feature that allows users to take six 10-second video clips in quick succession, on iOS, and with an Android update to follow. On both operating systems, Snapchat is also adding a new editing tool, the Tint Brush, that allows users to change the color of an object in still photos.

Multi Snap is a sort of variation on a camera’s traditional burst mode, but instead of taking several still photos in quick succession to get the timing just right, the feature snaps successive 10-second video clips. The feature is designed to help users make sure they get the timing of the Snap right and allows for up to six clips to be recorded in a row.

The Multi Snaps will play in sequence, without missing segments between them. Users can also apply special effects to one of the Snaps and have the effects continue through all the other 10-second videos. While the 10-second segments can be deleted, the feature doesn’t allow users to rearrange the clips.

The new video tool also allows users to share videos longer than that traditional 10-second Snap. Multi Snaps can be shared individually, or collectively as a sequence, which means the platform can support videos up to sixty seconds long with the new feature. The new feature is accessible simply by holding the record button through the entire video sequence, for up to sixty seconds.

The new shooting option will also be joined by the Tint Brush, which allows users to selectively recolor any item in a photo. Users can find the new tool inside the Vertical Toolkit by tapping on the scissors icon then selecting the paintbrush from the available tools. When painting around the object using the touchscreen, the program will automatically detect the object’s edges and even fill in the rest of the shape, so there’s no need to color the whole thing — just its outline.

Unlike the Multi Snap, the Tint Brush has already begun rolling out to both iOS and Android users. Android users will soon see the Multi Snap feature as well, but for now, the feature is rolling out to iOS first.

The features join a growing list of Snapshot’s frequent updates, adding new options to the much-imitated social platform including limitless Snaps and the ability to erase objects from a photo.

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