Here’s how to find out if your Facebook friends hate you

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Bang With Friends tells you which of your Facebook friends wants to sleep with you. But what if your friends don’t want to sleep with you or be awake with you? What if they think you are a terrible person? They could defriend you. Or just hide everything you post. Or tell you in person which particular behaviors irk them. 

Or, now, they can use Hate With Friends to figure out if you hate them back. It’s a Facebook app that helps people express their animosity on the Internet. That’s right: It’s an app to tell people you hate them. 

If you connect it with your Facebook, your friend list appears. See a face you want to punch? You can click on a big red “Hate Him/Her” button below that smackable profile pictures. Then you can look at the collection of all the people you’ve hated by pressing on “Who I Hate.” Then you can see who hates you under “Who Hates Me Too.” It’s all very emotionally healthy. 

The whole thing is ridiculous, but that’s the point — it underlines how absurd it is to keep tabs and stay connected to people you dislike in the first place, and showcases how easy it is to be super mean on the Internet. Of course, with stuff like man-rating app Lulu somehow continuing to capture our attention, the idea of creating an app specifically to tell someone you don’t like them isn’t that absurd. And people aren’t taking it as a joke — creator Chris Baker said over 10,000 people have used the app thus far. And some have taken to Twitter to spread the word: 

You know what they say – hate is the emotion closest to love.

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