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Twitter is experimenting with a change to how profiles appear

Twitter appears to be working on a few changes to its platform’s appearance, including a major edit to users’ profile pages.

On Friday, Jane Manchun Wong posted a close-up screenshot of what appeared to be a new version of a user’s profile page on Twitter. This updated version of the profile page looks to have combined the current Tweets and Tweets & replies tabs into one tab simply labeled Tweets & replies. Furthermore, the new tab also features two filter buttons — called All and Tweets — which apparently means you’d be able to choose to view all of a user’s tweeted content (including replies) or just tweets.

Twitter is working on merging the “Tweets” and “Tweets & replies” tabs into one tab,

with a profile timeline filter that currently only shows “All” and “Tweets” options

— jane (@wongmjane) June 10, 2022

This in-progress change to the profile page looks like an attempt to simplify the appearance of it. But it doesn’t feel particularly necessary on its own. While the change does look visually simpler, it still seems like it adds an extra step for the user if they want to customize their view of an account’s tweets, which doesn’t feel helpful.

But maybe it’s part of a bigger user interface overhaul. In fact, Wong posted this screenshot among a series of other screenshots that showed further possible changes to Twitter’s appearance and user interface. After Wong tweeted the above screenshot, she also tweeted screenshots showing a new reply button, a “bold new” navigation bar design for the mobile app, and an “audience picker” redesign for composing tweets.

It still remains to be seen which of these in-progress changes and features will officially become a part of Twitter’s user interface going forward, but it will be interesting to learnwhich ones make it and how they’ll fit together.

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