Adware posing as a private network client secretly takes screenshots

Adware stuffed into software you can freely download from the internet can secretly take screenshots of your desktop among other sneaky spyware-like capabilities. It first surfaced in 2012 and mostly targets Windows 10 PCs.

The Bitdefender Box will watch over your Wi-Fi, for a steep price

The Bitdefender Box is a home router that’s also a home security hub, watching over not only PCs and smartphones, but also IoT devices. It’s effective and easy to use, but you must go all-in on Bitdefender’s software.

Bitdefender Box 2 is bigger and bolder than its older brother

If you want an all-in-one security solution for your home network, the Bitdefender Box 2 might be it. Available now for pre-order, the standalone device protects your devices in and away from your home.

Bitdefender’s Box 2 promises to be the security solution for your smart home

Promising to provide unparalleled protection from fraud, phishing, and network attacks, the Box 2 from Bitdefender could be the security solution for your superconnected smart home.

Bitdefender beefs up Box with 2 new features to keep your network secure

Bitdefender recently unleashed two new features for its standalone Box device to better secure your network. Box connects directly to your router, and filters traffic before it reaches your devices.

Bitdefender distributes ‘vaccine’ to combat growing ransomware threat

Security company Bitdefender has released a free program that can help prevent your system being infected by ransomware. It tricks viruses into thinking your computer is already infected.

Can Macs get viruses and malware? We ask an expert

There is a persistent, popular idea that Macs can't get viruses, but does it have any foundation in fact? Do you need antivirus software for your Mac? We decided to ask some experts and find out.

Protect your home from network intrusion with Bitdefender’s Box

Want to protect your network devices from threats before they even arrive? Check out Bitdefender's newly announced Box, a router that actively scans incoming packets for potential threats.
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DT Deals: Do you like malware? Bitdefender didn’t think so

Today's DT Deals offers 33 percent off the Bitdefender software for either Mac or Windows operation systems, so you can keep your computer virus-free. No arguments there - nobody likes malware anyway.

Don’t get suckered by these holiday Web scams

Be careful of these holiday scams while you're shopping or searching for deals that you just can't resist. Sometimes things are really too good to be true.
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Watch out for these Facebook spam and scam apps

Be careful what you click: These malicious Facebook apps could take your data or even infect your computer.

Clueful iOS app scanner warns of privacy-violating apps: Hands on

Clueful app from BitDefender scans all the other apps on your iOS device, and tells you what type of information each app is accessing.
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How to block Twitter spam & scams right now

Twitter has acquired cybersecurity firm Diasent, which will soon make Twitter ads safe and malware-free. But here are a few tips for protecting yourself from Twitter spammers and scammers right now.
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Bitdefender officially releases Mobile Security app for Android

Bitdefender's Mobile Security app for Android is out of beta, and ready with a slew of new features to protect you from the bad guys.
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Twitter buys mobile security firm Whisper Systems

Twitter is likely about to get more secure with its newly announced acquisition of cybersecurity firm Whisper Systems.
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Infographic: How you’re being scammed on Twitter

Bitdefender's Safego app will now hunt down scammers on both Twitter and Facebook. The app isn't yet ready for download, so in the mean time, the computer security company has create this handy infographic to help scare the tweets out of…