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Hands on: Android TV exorcises Google TV’s demons by finding its inner Xbox

Google hopes to put the cringe-worthy ghost of Google TV behind it with Android TV, a sleeker, more attractive take on TV that it hopes will lure developers over with its similarity to ordinary Android.
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Android TV set-top box with gaming focus due to launch at Google I/O

Google is set to unveil tons of new software at Google I/O 2014, but it may also reveal an Android TV set-top box. The new TV box will reportedly focus on games and streaming content from Android devices.
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LG breaks the rules, announces new Google TVs ahead of 2013 International CES

LG isn't waiting around for CES to take the wraps off of a bunch of new products. The company's four-day-long string of announcements starts today with a total of seven new Google TV-enabled televisions.

Change the channel: 5 Netflix and Qwikster alternatives

Thinking of jumping ship on Netflix now that it has jacked up rates and spun off its DVD-by-mail service into Qwikster? Check out these alternatives to both Netflix's Instant Streaming and DVD-by-mail services.
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