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The Apple TV app listing in Google Play.

Does a job listing mean Apple TV is getting an Android phone app?

A new job listing from Apple has folks convinced a proper Apple TV app for Android phones is on the way. Problem is, they really have no idea.
A promo lifestyle image of the Hisense QD6 television.

Hisense takes its Amazon Fire TV QLED televisions to Costco

The remote control that came with our Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device.

Walmart says Onn 4K Pro will eventually only ship with a backlit remote

The Android TV interface on a TV.

Android 14 is finally headed to the Android TV OS

Chromecast with Google TV.

A $20 Chromecast with Google TV is perfect for this one reason

The Google TV home screen on a Hisense UX.

What is Google TV? Here’s everything you need to know

The search box on the ESPN app.

The upcoming sports streaming service is a textbook case of a ‘trollout’

Chromecast with Google TV remote.

How to reconnect the Chromecast with Google TV voice remote

A mighty tasty-looking chicken tender wrap as supposedly seen on a Chromecast with Google TV home screen.

There’s only one streaming device that lets you escape ads

A promo for a show on Amazon Freevee.

Don’t like giant ads on Amazon Fire TV? Then don’t buy one

App icons on the Apple TV homescreen.

Everyone is missing the point on streaming video

A setup screen on the TCL Q6 television allowing you to choose Google TV or a basic TV mode.

How to set up the TCL Q6 Google TV

The TCL Q6 television has a fairly standard implementation of Google TV.

How to reset the TCL Q6 QLED Google TV

It's good to know how to reset the TCL Q6 Google TV — even if you hope you never have to do it. (Or at least do it very often.)
A setup screen on a TCL TV.

This is as close as we’ll get to a dumb TV anytime soon

It's not quite what folks want in a true dumb TV, but that TCL gives you any option not to use the full Google TV system is a good choice to have.
streaming platform best screensaver apple tv 13

Which streaming platform has the best screensavers?

Amazon, Apple, Google, and Roku each has good options for screensavers on their various streaming devices. But one platform definitely stands out.
An Apple TV 4K set-top box and remote control sit on a media stand.

Should you buy an obsolete Apple TV?

This probably should go without saying, but we'll say it anyway: Do not buy obsolete hardware with unsupported software. Even if it's inexpensive.
Roku Streaming Stick 4K.

Google TV vs. Roku TV: which is the better streaming OS?

In the war of streaming platforms, Google TV and Roku TV are top of the pack, but which operating system is truly best? Let us weigh in to help you decide.
Google TV free channels.

Google TV gives NFL Sunday Ticket top billing, adds FAST channels

Google TV and Android TV are getting even more free channels in the U.S., and look for NFL Sunday Ticket to place itself front and center.
The Roku Channel app on Google TV.

The Roku Channel is now available as a Google TV app

The Roku Channel — the free, ad-supported streaming service from Roku — is now available on Google TV and Android TV as a standalone app.
The box for the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

How we test streaming video devices

Whether it's Roku, Amazon, Apple, or others — we apply the same standards to every streaming device that comes our way. Here's how we test them.
Google's first-gen Chromecast dongle.

Google ends support for the original Chromecast

Google has ended support of its first-gen Chromecast dongle. These alternatives are your best bet for a replacement.
The Google TV remote in front of Apple TV Fitness.

Google TV slims down and speeds up with recent software updates

Google TV apps should use a little less space and run a little faster thanks to some recent changes.
Google TV live guide.

Google TV adds even more free TV to its live guide

Google TV has added Tubi, Plex, and Haystack News listings to its live guide, joining Pluto as part of the built-in free offerings.
Chromecast with Google TV.

Chromecast with Google TV makes the leap to Android 12

Chromecast with Google TV has a new update waiting for you that, among other things, updates it to Android TV OS 12.
A Sony Bravia A80K 4K TV sits on a table in front of a large window.

Google TV tips and tricks you need to start using now

Google TV has a lot to offer. To ensure you're not missing out on awesome features, here are Google TV tips and tricks you can try.
New features for Google's ecosystem hardware

Google’s Nearby Share just copied one of Apple’s best features

Google unloaded a whole bag of new features for its ecosystem of devices, including new accessibility tools and a long-awaited Nearby Share upgrade.
The YouTube TV on a Roku TV.

Why ‘Mosaic Mode’ on YouTube TV would make sense

The ability to watch four games at once is exactly the sort of thing a sports-friendly streaming service should have.
Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast With Google TV.

Why Apple (still) shouldn’t make a streaming device for cheapskates

Apple has very little reason to make its own low-cost streaming hardware — everyone else is taking that loss for them.
aftermaster pro fixes tv movie audio issues man on couch watches a mobile phone

Google ditches Play Movies app in favor of Google TV

Google TV's existence has been something of a question mark, but now the app seems to have a clear purpose.
Buttons in the Apple TV app on Google TV.

Apple does what’s best for Apple on Google hardware

Apple removing the ability to purchase content through its app on other companies' hardware shouldn't surprise anyone.
Walmart onn. Android TV streaming device

How to watch Super Bowl 2022 on Android TV

Watching the Super Bowl on your Android TV this year is very easy. Let us help you get set up to watch the big game.
Pluto TV on Google TV.

Google TV integrates Pluto TV’s 300 free channels

Pluto TV has been available on Google TV forever, but now it's integrated directly into the Live tab in the operating system.
Google TV ambient cards.

Google TV is adding personalized profiles, better info in ambient mode

Personalized profiles and better information in ambient mode are coming soon to Google TV on Chromecast and smart TVs from Sony and TCL.
Sony 65 inch 4K smart tv with image of Arches National Park on screen, on a white background.

Get a MASSIVE Sony 4K TV for $500 off right now at Best Buy!

Right now, you can get the Sony 65-inch Class X85J Series 4K Smart Google TV at Best Buy for just $1,100.