Amazon’s Internet is a new lightweight browser app for emerging markets

Mobile users in developing nations with slower internet connections don't need to download Chrome or go onto Safari -- instead, they can simply get on Internet. The aptly named app is the latest product to emerge from Amazon.

With FCC approval, all systems are go for Starlink global internet

The possibility of high-speed global internet just took a step towards becoming a reality this week, as the FCC approved the SpaceX plan to establish a "constellation" of thousands of satellites in the next few years.

Bali will switch off the island’s internet services for the whole of Saturday

The Indonesian island of Bali is planning to shut down its mobile internet services on Saturday as part of a holiday that encourages self-reflection. It's the first time Bali has made such a move for the sacred Nyepi holiday.

Congress is looking to bring fiber internet to you faster with the Dig Once bill

Fiber internet just took a big step forward in the U.S. Almost a decade after Representative Anna Eshoo of California submitted the so-called "Dig Once" legislation, the bill was passed by the House.

If you’re a Northeast Xfinity customer, your internet will soon be faster

If you're an Xfinity internet user, Comcast says you should soon be seeing an increase in internet speed, regardless of which of the four tiers of service you're currently subscribed to.

Oregon is the latest state to jump on the net neutrality bandwagon

Oregon is the latest state taking net neutrality into its own hands, as a proposed bill just passed the House on Monday and heads to the Senate. The bill prevents state agencies from dealing with ISPs not honoring net neutrality.
Smart Home

The MyLiFi smart lamp provides speed-of-light internet

Oledcomm debuted what it claims is the first Li-Fi-connected object in the world. It's called MyLiFi, and it offers wireless, radio wave-free internet at the speed of light, and all from an attractive LED lamp. It's now on Kickstarter.

FCC interactive map shows broadband coverage down to your local neighborhood

Most internet users don't even know their download speeds, but now comparing the high-speed internet options in your area just got a lot easier with this interactive map compiled from FCC data.

AT&T calls on Congress to create new net neutrality laws — but why?

AT&T spent millions lobbying against net neutrality. Now it's now calling on Congress to draft new laws. Why the change? It's possible the company is worried about having to deal with dozens of net neutrality laws at the state level.

Intel wants to bring you faster Wi-Fi in the next couple of years

Intel recently made an announcement that it will be readying new chips for what is going to be the next generation of Wi-Fi. In 2018, Intel is going to make its home Wi-Fi portfolio larger with its new 802.11ax chips.

Tired of slow internet? Check to see if you can get Fios in your area

Of all of the first world problems, bad internet is probably the most frustrating. If you're looking to get Fios high-speed internet to boost those internet speeds, you can check your availability online.

European news agencies ask Facebook, Google to pay for content

Nine of Europe’s largest press agencies are calling for internet giants like Facebook, Google, and Snapchat to pay for news content used on its sites. The agencies made their plea in the French daily newspaper Le Monde.