Still a Picasa holdout? How to make Google Photos work for you

Google's Picasa may be no more, but that doesn't mean your photos are left in the dust. Here is our complete guide to the differences between Picasa and Google Photos, and the best

Say adios to Google's Picasa

The inevitable has finally happened -- Google has shut down Picasa. In a blog post published Friday, the Internet giant announced the shuttering of the company's older, more dated photo storage system in favor of Google Photos

Short on time? Here’s how to resize a bunch of photos at once using Google Picasa

Hit the jump to get a straightforward tutorial on how to batch resize images using Google Picasa, though that's not the only option at your disposal.

What happened to you, Google?

What happened to Google’s once-legendary engineering? As the company matures and scrambles to fight the likes of Facebook, its products seem to have taken a turn for the worse.

Google rebranding continues: Picasa and Blogger up next

Blogger and Picasa are not long for this world: They're about to be swallowed up and spit out by Google and its attempts to unify brands.

Iranian citizens get Google software, government still stonewalled

Google is attempting to bring some freedom of expression to Iranians, but the company's software will remain off limits to the Iranian government.

Leaked pics of Sony Ericsson ‘Hallon’ Gingerbread handset

Leaked images of a new Sony Ericsson phone with a large front-facing camera have hit the web and we've got em. Also, some shots of SE's new Timescape UI.

Kodak and Shutterfly trade infringement suits

Kodak and online photo site Shutterfly have filed patent infringement suits against each other...and there might be implications for sites like Flickr and Picasa.

Google offers cash rewards for finding security loopholes

Google will entice hackers to scour its domains searching for security flaws with cash rewards.

Min.us offers free, no-frills photo sharing

Photo hosting site Min.us avoids endless options and customizations, instead opting to let users drag, drop, and move on.

Google Launches Picasa 3.0 Beta

Yesterday Google launched a beta version, Picasa 3.0, of its photo management software, claiming it can break down "barriers between your home PC and your online albums."