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paracord zippers camera bag cheap 32

How to upgrade your camera bag zippers for less than $5

In his latest video, Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter shows how a few small pieces of paracord can be used to upgrade the zippers of your camera bag.
gopro backpack shoulder strap mount diy 4

This dead-simple DIY GoPro backpack mount costs almost nothing to make

Raspberry Pi Camera

Make your own DIY Polaroid camera with a Rasberry Pi and a receipt printer

google to further project loon with test flights over australia

Project Loon balloons clock up 500,000 km as Google continues with global Net project

kickstarter freeze ray

The little Kickstarter project that could … or couldn’t. Tough to say, really

Rumor: The Daily is coming January 17

how to design a cover for virgins ipad exclusive project magazine virgin thumb

How to design a cover for Virgin’s iPad-exclusive Project magazine

Apple hits a wall with publishers over subscription deal

virgin launches project magazine for ipad iphone version coming 20100717 virgin01

Virgin launches magazine ‘built especially for the iPad’

Australians Promised Ultra-Fast Broadband

Distributed Computing Helps Energy Project

Net TV Testers Wanted