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Blasting your brain with sound, pulses can help quiet the din of tinnitus

Researchers from the University of Michigan have developed an experimental device designed to fight the effects of tinnitus by using sounds and electrical pulses to reset nerve cells in the brain.
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The biggest, baddest, and most incredible scientific breakthroughs of 2017

2017 was a monumental year for science, so we rounded up some of the craziest and most awe-inspiring achievements of the year for your perusal. Enjoy!
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The best accidental inventions prove sometimes it’s better not to try

While many discoveries and innovations are the byproducts of careful research and development, there are plenty of inventions humanity has inadvertently stumbled upon. And these accidental inventions changed civilization as we know it.

Surf’s up! New information reveals the science behind Kelly Slater’s wave pool

Kelly Slater and Adam Fincham created a wave pool system that drags a massive metal hydrofoil blade through the water. As the swelling water sweeps over the precisely contoured lakebed, it transforms into a perfect surfing wave, every time.
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Electronics that repair themselves might be possible with new liquid metal transitor

With the development of a brand-new alloy that can exist as a liquid metal at room temperature, engineers at the Carnegie Mellon University have managed to create a new kind of liquid metal transistor.

Google redesigns its Science Journal as a digital science notebook for students

Google's Science Journal app measures and records data in real time, and then turns all that input into consumer-friendly graphs and charts. It also includes a digital science notebook that can be filled with notes and photos.
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Feast your eyes (not literally, though) on the most powerful lasers on Earth

To give you a sense of how far laser technology has come in the past few decades, we've compiled a list of the most powerful lasers on Earth -- including one you can buy
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These amazing science fair projects make your potato battery look prehistoric

The projects kids make at science fairs nowadays easily beat the smelly potato batteries and homemade volcanoes you remember making. From flying robots to a Lego spacecraft, these are some of our favorite science fair projects.
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Here are the names and achievements behind this year’s Nobel Prizes in Science

The Nobel Prizes in Science are among the greatest awards a scientist can get. The 2017 winners helped unravel gravitational waves, circadian rhythms, and biological molecules.
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Inside the high-tech labs that make sure your legal marijuana is safe

Just as your bottle of beer is tested and labeled for alcohol content before it makes it to the grocery store, legalized marijuana undergoes rigorous testing before it appears in a safe, accurately labelled jar at your local dispensary…

3 WebVisions speakers that got our minds spinning

With 14 presenters on tap for this year's WebVisions conference in Portland, Oregon, those in attendance learned about everything from tech's growing role in activism to content strategy for paleontologists.
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Can tech help us feed a population of 9 billion-plus? Welcome to the Future of Food

Over the next few decades, global food production will need to scale up tremendously to keep pace with humanity's growing population. Can technological advances help us feed all those hungry mouths, or are we doomed to starvation?