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vegas shuttle dtd11092017

An hour after debut, driverless Vegas shuttle bus gets into fender bender

Self-driving Vegas shuttle bus fender-bender raises questions, improve your wifi with tin foil, and Sean Parker on Facebook's power.
sean parker airtime relaunch

Parker's relaunched Airtime app now helps you to virtually gather with your friends

Traditional Home Theater Speakers

Day-and-date movie streaming platform Screening Room will be shown at CinemaCon

would you rent a same day theatrical release for 50 napster founder is betting yes version 1457639157 home theater feature

Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Scorsese invest in same-day theatrical releases for $50 (Update)

sean parker brigade appp ios android

Now you can spout your political opinions on this new app instead of Facebook

Downloaded Napster Movie

‘Downloaded’ charts the rise and fall of the Napster revolution


Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning start taking the wraps off new startup Airtime

Sean Parker sends his first tweet, quickly apologizes to Zuckerberg


Justin Timberlake buys ownership stake in MySpace

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook lands six on Forbes billionaires list

The Social Network epilogue: Where Facebook founders are now

Comcast Buys Social Network Site Plaxo