Hackers hijacked traffic through Amazon servers for two hours, undetected

The event, which only lasted about two hours Tuesday morning, saw traffic to Amazon's cloud web hosting servers redirected to malicious websites. About 1,300 IP addresses were affected, according to Oracle.
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Use this Rubik’s Cube-style device to create ultra-secure computer passwords

Even with all the high-profile hacks in the news, lots of people fail to keep themselves protected by not using secure passwords. Fortunately, a new Kickstarter campaign is here to help.
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Canary improves its A.I.-powered Person Detection features for its cameras

Keeping your home safe no longer has to cost you an arm and a leg, thanks to Canary. The team has just unveiled its improved A.I.-powered Person Detection cuts down on false positive notifications about human motion.

Windows-powered medical scanners are being hit by health care hackers

Hackers have been targeting a number of health care systems around the country, infecting everything from MRI machines to label printers at pill production companies. All, it seems, without a clear purpose.

Internet Explorer has a zero-day bug that Microsoft needs to fix

There is a rather sophisticated Internet Explorer zero-day bug that is apparently in the wild. It was discovered by Chinese antivirus company Qihoo 360 Core and infects PCs via a malicious Office document.

Florida police attempt to use dead man’s fingerprint to unlock his phone

Detectives in Largo, Florida attempted to use the fingerprints of a man killed in an officer-involved shooting in late March to unlock his phone, according to a report in the Tampa Bay Times.

Cybersecurity is the target of Udacity’s next nanodegree

Udacity is prepping its first-ever nanodegree program in cybersecurity. The elearning company wants the course to play a role in the fight against the growing threat of online attacks against companies and organizations.

Cambridge Analytica’s ex-director wants to fix data privacy. Can we trust her?

Brittany Kaiser was working for Cambridge Analytica just months ago. After testifying before the UK Parliament about her involvement in the campaign behind Brexit, she’s hopping the fence to make the opposite point.

20 million Chrome users are fooled into downloading fake ad blockers

Fake ad blockers is real news! These malicious extensions generated more than 20 million downloads on the Chrome store and their popularity shows that many internet users are still susceptible to malicious software.

U.K. cybersecurity agency warns against using ZTE telecom equipment

The National Cyber Security Centre in the United Kingdom has issued new advice to mobile networks in the country to refrain from using equipment or services from ZTE due to security fears.

Virtually all banking web apps are vulnerable to hackers, study finds

Banking and finance web applications, which many people use on a daily basis for managing some of their most sensitive personal information, are among the most vulnerable to attack.
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Hackers broke into a casino’s high-roller database through a fish tank

With connected devices multiplying every year, security flaws are increasing as well, and every device can provide access to your network. One casino found that out the hard way with the aquarium thermostat in its lobby.