Tron Legacy
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'Tron Legacy' director dishes on what would have happened in 'Tron 3'

Development on a third Tron film might be stalled right now, but that didn't stop Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski from revealing the story that would have been told in the sequel.
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Tron 3 gets derezzed by Disney

After rumors suggested that another film in the TRON franchise would begin filming this fall, Walt Disney Pictures has reportedly canceled the project, leaving the future of the series in doubt.
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Olivia Wilde to return for Tron 3 with filming set to begin this fall (Update)

TRON: Legacy actress Olivia Wilde will reportedly return to the sequel to Tron Legacy. Wilde will join Garrett Hedlund for the third installment, set to be directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Disney moves one step closer to a third Tron movie

Though neither Tron film was an earth-shattering fiscal success, Disney is committed to the franchise and is reportedly working toward pushing a third Tron movie into development.
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Will Netflix streaming suffer without Starz?

While Netflix seems to be shifting subscriber attention to a vast library of television content over feature films, Starz finally exits the streaming service this month.
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Watch (and listen) to Daft Punk’s score for TRON: Legacy played by five floppy drives

YouTube user makes sweet electronic music from TRON: Legacy score and five floppy drives.
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Flynn lives in this Tron 3 teaser video

When the home version of Tron: Legacy is released, it will include three video clips designed to tease Tron 3. Below is the first, titled Tron: The Next Day.
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TRON Uprising teaser trailer features speeding light cycles

A new teaser for the upcoming Disney TV series TRON Uprising shows off the animation style and action in what will serve as a bridge story set between the events of TRON and TRON Legacy.
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Tron Legacy DVD & blu-ray to feature Tron 3 teasers

When Tron: Legacy is released for home audiences, the DVD and blu-ray releases will include a brief trio of teasers that could hint at the future of the franchise.
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Third Tron film about to be greenlit

Sources close to Disney say that execs are mulling the future of Tron, and a sequel seems likely to be greenlit soon.
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Tron 3 rumors (Updated)

Tron: Legacy has just opened to fair, but not amazing box office and critical reception, leaving a sequel in question. But that hasn’t stopped producers and fans from speculating about the plot of a third film.
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Tron: Legacy Review

Review: Tron: Legacy is a good movie that has amazing moments and is beautiful to see, but it falls short of being a great film.