CES Live Guests: Details and Expectations

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The show touches on all the major categories under DT’s coverage—from tech news/products and entertainment, to mobile, computing, and gaming. We also cover science, innovation, emerging tech, and industry disruption.

We have guests join in our NYC and Portland, OR studios, and regularly via video conference. Our website—www.digitaltrends.com—generates over 30M monthly page views and 100M monthly video views, and is really where DT has made its reputation in the technology space, now the largest independent tech publisher in the country.

Our CES 2020 coverage will air Tuesday, January 7th through Thursday, January 9th from 9am-5pm PT. We’ll be broadcasting live from the Digital Trends Lounge at ARIA Las Vegas Mariposa Ballroom 8, as well as in-booth live interviews and product demos from the CES Show Floor in the LVCC and Sands Expo.

Digital Trends Lounge

Our broadcast will be hosted by Digital Trends Live anchor Greg Nibler and Maude Garrett, an Aussie with a heart of nerd gold. She’s a tech aficionado and entertainment influencer who has co-hosted our CES broadcast for the last two years. At the lounge, Greg and Maude will be interviewing VIP celebrity guests, gaming influencers, and C-suite executives.

CES Show Floor

We’ll have three video crews and hosts doing live interviews and product demos from various booths at CES. Coverage will focus on major themes that we see playing out at this year’s convention, including 5G, urban mobility, robotics, advanced television technology, and experiences unique to CES.

Greg Nibler is the anchor for Digital Trends Live, a 90-minute long daily tech news and variety live broadcast, with guests including industry insiders, influencers, celebrities, and tech professionals. He also hosts two weekly podcasts: Trends With Benefits and Tech Briefs. Greg has worked as a host, producer, actor, voice-over artist, and writer in radio, television, and podcasts since the early 2000s (with CBS Radio, Alpha Broadcasting, and The Portland Trail Blazers, among others). He is also a co-founder of the Portland Podcast Festival.

Maude Garrett is back with Digital Trends to co-anchor the Digital Trends Live CES Special for a third year. Maude is a broadcast veteran, self-proclaimed geek host, and tech junkie. She can regularly be seen as a guest contributor on BBC America, ProjectTV in Australia, and The New Rockstars entertainment podcast and YouTube channel.

ARIA Lounge Directions

Walking Directions: The Digital Trends ARIA Lounge is located in the East Conference area of the ARIA Casino & Resort. From the main car drop-off point, walk through the casino to the escalators to the conference area. Take the escalators up to the 2nd floor. The Mariposa Ballroom #8 is located on this second floor, across from the escalators. A Digital Trends representative should be outside the ballroom doors to direct you in.

Check in: We ask that you kindly arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time, allowing enough time for introductions, mic prep, etc. Upon arriving at the booth, please check in with Jess Surbaugh to confirm arrival.

Running Late: If you will be arriving less than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled broadcast time, please contact Jess Surbaugh ASAP and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

On-site Contact: Jess Surbaugh, 757-617-0941, jsurbaugh@digitaltrends.com

Studio Appearance Expectations & Recommendations

  • You’ll be escorted on and off the studio set during a commercial break, but we’ll have limited time (about 2-5 minutes) to do so. Please be prepared to join the broadcast once you’ve checked in.
  • Please arrive camera-ready, as we will not have hair and makeup available on set.
  • Wardrobe: please avoid garments with tight patterns, as they may appear distorted on air. Please stick to solid colors with no overt logos.
  • We ask that you kindly refrain from using expletives while on air.

Promotion Of Your Appearance


  • Before your appearance, we ask that you promote the segment across your social channels. In your copy, please:

Please schedule your post(s) to publish 5-10 minutes prior to your appearance time in order to encourage viewership from your followers across your social channels.