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Future of Food


Agriculture has come a long way in the past century. We produce more food than ever before — but our current model is unsustainable, and as the world’s population rapidly approaches the 8 billion mark, modern food production methods will need a radical transformation if they’re going to keep up. But luckily, there’s a range of new technologies that might make it possible. In this series, we’ll explore some of the innovative new solutions that farmers, scientists, and entrepreneurs are working on to make sure that nobody goes hungry in our increasingly crowded world.

floating farm netherlands beladon nl feature image

To make more room for livestock, the Dutch will moove cows to a floating farm

A Dutch company is developing a floating dairy farm, which they hope to use as a proof-of-concept for future agricultural systems. The farm will use automated cleaning and milking robots, while recycling waste into fertilizer. Later, they hope to include crops and other livestock.
agribots are pushing farming into the future sweepbot feat

From picking to pollinating, agribots are pushing farming into the future

indigo ag pointing plant

Probiotics for plants? Here’s how AI-optimized bacteria could accelerate agriculture

speed breeding crops revolutionize agriculture john innes center lee hickey 15156

How ‘speed breeding’ could supercharge farming to save us from starvation

Before ‘plantscrapers’ can grow food in the city, they’ll need to grow money

future of food tech helping bees comeback beekeeper ff feat

RoboBees, city sanctuaries, and hot hives could save the world from ‘beepocalypse’

future of food vertical farming 3

Will vertical farming continue to grow, or has it hit the greenhouse ceiling?

future of food could insects provide protein for our booming population edible bugs ff body 01

The burger of the future comes from crickets, not cows

future of food introduction topic feature

Can tech help us feed a population of 9 billion-plus? Welcome to the Future of Food

future of food carnegie mellon farming project university robotics farmview xlarge 1v2

To feed a growing population, scientists want to unleash AI on agriculture

future of food biofloc shrimp farming farm

Shrimp from the Sahara sounds crazy, but it may be the future of aquaculture

the future of food meat alternatives memphis meats burger

From lab-grown steaks to plant-based blood, science is taking the animal out of meat