WPA3, the third generation of Wi-Fi security, has one giant flaw: You

WPA3 is set to improve security on wireless networks for everyone who connects to them with compatible hardware. But it's not a silver bullet. Hackers have already figured out its biggest weakness and it's probably you.
ASRock X10 IoT Router

Intel and AMD may never make a CPU we can fully trust, but others might

Fixes for speculative exploits like Spectre and Meltdown comes with problems of their own. But a new approach could simply make them redundant as potential attacks without drawbacks, while making the whole system more secure.
Spectre Meltdown

Is your PC safe? Foreshadow is the security flaw Intel should have predicted

Three new processor vulnerabilities have appeared under the 'Foreshadow' banner. They're similar in nature to Meltdown and Spectre, only they steal data from different memory spaces. Here's everything you need to know.