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How to cancel Pandora Premium

Figuring out how to cancel Pandora Premium can be confusing, because how you cancel it all depends on how you signed up in the first place. Just a few possible ways include iTunes, Google Play, Roku and the Amazon Appstore. Once you remember where you got it, canceling your account is easy.
How to get Tumblr followers

How to change your Tumblr username

Maybe you chose just made your name up on the fly, or maybe your name reflects a fandom you aren't a part of anymore. Whatever the reason you want to change your username on Tumblr, making the switch is easy and only takes a minute or so. Here's how to change your Tumblr username.
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What is an Echo Dot?

What is Echo Dot? Now in its third generation, Amazon's tiny smart home hub can help you order from Amazon, keep track of to-do lists, play games, get weather information and much, much more, all using the power of Alexa. Here's what you need to know about this tiny dynamo. 
how to manage multiple Instagram accounts

How to save Instagram videos

Wish you could save your favorite Instagram videos to watch over and over again? We know it's easy to screenshot your favorite Instagram photos, but saving a video can be a little more complicated. Here are six simple ways to save videos from Instagram onto your phone or computer.
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Here are 5 of the best wine apps to get your juices flowing

No matter if you want to organize your wine collection, keep a tasting diary, make a wine buying wish list or pair the right wine with your meal, there's an app for that. These five best wine apps listed here have your needs covered. We've included apps for Android and iPhone users.
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The best home office essentials

More and more people are working from home. From charging hubs to laptops, we've got a quick list of the best home office essentials that can help you work smarter, not just harder. They will increase your office space, productivity, and may even save you some money in the long-run.

Here’s how to return Amazon merchandise to Kohl’s stores

Dislike having to box up an Amazon return and then lugging it to the post office or FedEx for a return? Now you can just take your item directly to a Kohl's store to have them do the boxing and shipping. All you need is a QR code. Here's how.