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Deebot 960 sucking up chips

Ecovacs Deebot 960 Review: Wasted potential

We have loved many of the other smart robot vacuums that Ecovacs has come out with. A couple have even made our best robot vacuum of the year list. So I was pretty excited to try out the Deebot 960. It comes with advanced AI and it even mops. After trying it out, I was sorely disappointed.
The Eve Cam on a wall.

Eve Cam is a HomeKit indoor security camera that saves your recordings in iCloud

Apple fans now have an indoor security camera just for them. Eve Systems has released its newest product, the Eve Cam, and it is the first indoor camera made exclusively for Apple HomeKit Secure Video. With the new Eve Cam, you can see video right on your iPhone's lock screen.
Narwal T10 self cleaning robot vac

The best robot vacuums of CES 2020: Lucy, Narwal T10, RoboVac G30 Edge, and more

CES 2020 had some interesting robot vacs debut this year. There have been bots that clean themselves, prevent their filters from clogging, and even bots that double as roving security cameras. Here are the smart vacuum cleaners that we've liked so far, including the Lucy, Narwal T10m and RoboVac G30 Edge.
Opte Percision Skincare CES 2020 with hand

You can now buy the $599 Opte to photoshop your skin in real life

Opte Precision Skincare System, a skincare device by P&G Ventures, lets you photoshop your skin in real life. This personalized handheld inkjet printer (yes, it's literally a printer for your skin) claims to instantly make the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation disappear and fade spots over time.
Lockly Vision on brown door

The best smart locks of CES 2020: Lockly, August, Kwikset, and more

CES is a treasure trove when it comes to smart home devices -- and smart locks are no exception. This year's best locks include offerings from Lockly and BenjiLock, and make use of everything from mobile apps to advanced fingerprint scanners designed to thwart even the most mischevious intruders.
Sunflower Labs Bee Drone

The best smart security cameras of CES 2020: Arlo, ADT and a Bee drone

If you're in the market for a new smart security camera, CES 2020 has some great new options. We've seen three new cameras from ADT, a cool new floodlight from Arlo, and even a security camera drone that mimics a bee. Here are all the best smart security cameras and gadgets we've seen so far.
august yale present new locks smart storage solutions at ces 2020 delivery box  lifestyle 4

August and Yale smart locks ditch the bridge, new storage solutions at CES 2020

August and Yale are breaking out some new devices of their own at CES 2020 this year. The companies hope to make home security just a little smarter and easier with the introduction of two new locks and a new smart storage product line that includes boxes that you can lock and unlock with your phone.
Lockly Vision on brown door

Lockly Vision is a smart lock with an integrated video doorbell

At CES 2020, Lockly announced the launch of its newest product, Lockly Vision. This smart lock has a built-in HD video doorbell and two-way communication. When someone comes to the door you can talk with them using the app, no matter if you're home or not. Here's the scoop.
Mirage Smart Speaker with black background

Royole’s smart speaker has a cool wraparound display, but is it worth the price?

We've seen a lot of cool stuff at CES 2020 so far, but the new smart speaker by Royole is pretty special. The Mirage Smart Speaker works with Alexa, just like an Amazon Echo, but instead of being wrapped in fabric, it has a touchscreen display. It also has a 5MP camera and a passive bass radiator.
weird smart home gadgets of ces 2020 bocco emo on a table

Weird smart home gadgets of CES 2020: Toilet paper robots and more

CES 2020 hasn't disappointed when it comes to unveiling new and strange inventions. So far we've seen a robot that will make cleaning up after a toilet session easier, a robot cook named Julia, and a headless cat snuggle pillow. Here's the weirdest stuff we've seen so far and check back for more.
Whirlpool Smart Thermometer CES 2020 in turkey

Your steaks will love being poked by Whirlpool’s smart thermometer

Yummly, Whirlpool Corporation’s digital recipe and cooking platform, is launching a new smart kitchen device called the Yummly Smart Thermometer. It uses dual temperature sensors to monitor food and oven temperatures and alerts you when food is done with an app. No more burning when you become distracted.
CookingPal Julia System

You don’t need to be an experienced chef to cook dishes with the Julia system

The late legendary chef Julia Child is synonymous with fine cooking, and now a new Julia is arriving on the culinary scene. This Intelligent Autonomous Cooking System by CookingPal can shop for food and cook for you. It can chop, stir, knead, steam, and even wash itself with a little help from you.
Wine Bottle in Juno Matrix cooler

Juno cooler will chill a bottle of wine or beer in under 5 minutes

You've probably held a warm beer or soda in you hand and wished that it would instantly cool so you could enjoy it. Solved. Juno, the makers of highly advanced coolers, has just announced their latest product, Matrix, a device that can cool any drink, from wine to soda to champagne, in just minutes.
best tent heaters mr  heater f215100 mh4b little buddy 3800 btu indoor safe propane

The best tent heaters

For the best performance for your next camping trip we've rounded up the best tent heaters out there. These heaters will keep you toasty and cover a wide range of needs.
Lucy vacuum robot top

Trifo’s Lucy robot vacuum won’t run over poop, doubles as a security system

Trifo, a home robotics company, unveiled its latest robot on January 2. Its name is Lucy, and it's basically a super-smart robot vacuum and a security system all-in-one. Lucy will be strutting its stuff at CES 2020, though there's no word as of yet of when the robot will be available for purchase.
Phyn XL 1.5 and shutoff valve photo

Phyn will pick up some awards, unveil two new water-saving products at CES 2020

Phyn announced at CES 2020 that it is introducing the Phyn XL 1.5 and the Phyn XL 2 at CES 2020. The two new water-efficiency tools for commercial properties, large homes, and new construction are based on their predecessor, the Phyn Plus, and fit supply lines up to 2 inches.
cropped shot of fitness woman working out on exercise bike at the gym. female exercising on bicycle in health club, focus on legs.

Best fitness skills for your Alexa speaker to help you get into shape

Alexa can help you get healthy, lose weight and stay fit throughout the year thanks to her multitude of great skills. Some skills can help you keep track of water consumption and fitness goals, while others provide guided workouts anywhere you can take your Alexa speaker. Here are the best skills.
facebook portal 2019 review 10 inch 13 of 20

Facebook Portal vs Google Nest Hub Max

When it comes to the best smart displays, the new Facebook Portal and the Google Nest Hub Max are two great choices. This can make choosing the right one for you difficult. To help, we've pitted the two against each other in a head-to-head battle to find out which one is the better pick.
mom and son using with amazon echo

More than 800,000 Apple Podcasts are now available on Echo devices

Got an Alexa device and love podcasts? The two have come together and now you can stream over 800,000 Apple Podcast shows through Alexa devices like Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Spot . Access includes popular shows like Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, The Daily, Business Wars podcasts, and more.
ikeas smart blinds probably wont work with homekit until sometime in 2020 fyrtur block out roller blind  0746146 ph158185 s5

Ikea’s smart blinds won’t work with Apple’s HomeKit until ‘early’ in 2020

If you were planning on buying Fyrtur Smart Blinds from Ikea, or you've already installed them in your home, we have some bad news if you have Apple's HomeKit. These smart blackout roller-style blinds won't be compatible with HomeKit until some time in early 2020.
Amazon Echo Glow

Amazon Echo Glow Review: A smart lamp for smart parents

Parenting just got a little easier, thanks to something you'd probably never suspect: a smart lamp. The Amazon Echo Glow can make getting kids out of bed or getting a less than attentive child's teeth brushed less of a struggle using dimmable colored lights and Alexa voice commands or the app.
ges ultrafresh front load washers tackles germs and stinky odors ge

GE Appliance’s UltraFresh front-load washers tackle germs and odors

The biggest problem with front load washers is their tendency to stink and for 46% of GE customers, that is their "biggest complaint." GE came up with a solution. After two years of research, the new line of UltraFresh Front Load Washers was created to fix the odor problem with a three-tiered approach.
A Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera on an end table.

Get a free Echo Dot and $25 off Blink XT2 security camera for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is showing up this year with some fantastic sales so far, including great deals on security cameras. One particularly awesome deal can be found on Amazon for the Blink Home Security camera, the Blink XT2 Camera. You save $25 and it's bundled with a free third-generation Echo Dot.
Google Nest Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Clock Top

Google Nest Mini vs. Amazon Echo Dot: Which Cyber Monday deal is better?

Choosing between a Google Nest Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot can be difficult, especially when there's such great deals on both this Cyber Monday 2019. While they're both small, puck-like smart speakers with built-in assistants, there are some differences that can help you choose the best deal.
google nest x yale lock amazon bf deal smart

Cyber Monday deal: Save up to 23% on Google Nest cameras and locks

This year's Cyber Monday smart home deals are offering huge savings this week. There have been great deals from Google, including savings on cams and smart locks. From today until December 4, you can get Nest Indoor and Outdoor Cams and Nest x Yale Locks at steep discounts. Here's what's up.
amazon smart oven review with echo

Amazon Smart Oven review: I just know my eyes burned for hours

The Amazon Smart Oven is the size of a medium-sized microwave, but is actually a four-in-one machine that works as a microwave, air fryer, convection oven and food warmer. For $250, you get all that plus a third-gen Echo Dot so you can use voice commands to start, pause and stop cooking.
Google Home Max Review

Walmart slashes price of the Google Home Max in half for Black Friday

If you're looking for a great deal on the Google Home Max smart speaker this Black Friday, look no further than Walmart. The company has cut the original price from $399 to $199. The Max comes in two colors, charcoal and chalk and it is available for next-day shipping and payment plans.
cricut deals black friday 2019 in mint

Save More than $100 on crafting goods With Cricut Black Friday Deals

Cricut, a favorite of the crafting world, has plenty of great deals for Black Friday. These deals will get you cutting, T-shirt making, drawing, and pressing for less. One of the best deals includes over $100 off a Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint. Check out these amazing deals on Amazon and
levoit air purifiers amazon prime day 2019 deal lv h132 compact true hepa purifier

Amazon cuts prices of Levoit air purifiers up to $75 for Black Friday

If you're looking for a way to clean up your home's air this holiday season, and the rest of the year, Levoit is offering up to 25% off its home air purifiers and humidifiers. The machines clean pet dander, odors, smoke, mold, and more. Here are the details on all of the deals.
The Nest Hub rests on a kitchen counter as a man cooks.

Best Black Friday smart display deals for 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best time to get smart home deals on displays like Amazon's Echo Show and Echo Spot, Google's Home Hub Max, or the Lenovo Smart Display. You don't have to wait for the best smart displays to get discounts, though. There are some great deals going on right now.
The Ring Stick Up Cam.

Ring Stick Up Camera Review: This one’s for Alexa fans

The Ring Stick Up Cam is an incredibly versatile security camera. It can be put indoors or outdoors. It also has three power options: you can run it on a battery power, plug it in or solar power it. Plus, it alerts you of movement, allows two way discussions, and lets you watch live video.
Live TV Streaming Services

You can now use voice control for Sling TV on Google Nest devices

Sling TV allows you to watch your favorite shows live or stream them using your television, phone, or tablet. Until now, though, you couldn't use your voice to control the service. Now you can. Google has announced that you can use voice commands and watch Sling using your Google Nest devices.
cricut maker review and supplies

Cricut Maker review: It makes the cut

The Cricut Maker can cut, score, emboss, and perforate paper. That's to be expected with this type of machine, but it can also cut vinyl, thin wood, fabric, cardboard and felt, too, and draw using special pens you place in the machine. Our Cricut Maker review dives into what this crafting machine offers.
snapchat store hot dog plush

How to change your Snapchat username

We've all been there. You're setting up a new account and just type in whatever pops into your head as a username. Then, later on, you realize that was a mistake. If that's happened to you on Snapchat, here's how to change your Snapchat username ... and an easy alternative.