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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock with open door

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review: Serious security

If installing a smart lock intimidates you, then the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a good choice. It's incredibly easy to install, but doesn't skimp on features.
Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight review: Bright choice

This floodlight really has no equal. It's solar, smart, and fully adjustable to your needs. The Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight is a winner.
Doorbell Plus 3 being rung

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus Review: Coasting on success

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus gives you a lot of control over how it detects what's around it, but it's missing a few things that its competitors have aced.
Zoom video

How to get Snapchat filters in Zoom

Add a little spice to your next meeting by adding Snapchat filters, backgrounds, and lenses to your Zoom. Change into crazy characters or backgrounds in a snap.
how to use snapchat filters ar

How to use Snapchat filters

Snapchat's got a ton of cool features, including filters, lenses, and stickers. Here's how to use them, so you can make your snaps anything you can imagine.
Ring Camera

Ring may want to add facial recognition and more to cameras

A leaked survey implies that Ring may be considering implementing facial recognition and license plate reading into their cameras in the near future.
lowes spring black friday nest smart thermostat deals  t3007es learning

How to save money using your smart thermostat

Using a smart thermostat is a great step toward saving money on electricity bills. There are some ways to make your thermostat even more efficient, though.
Dyson V11 Outsize cleaning

Dyson V11 Outsize vacuum review: In this case, bigger is better

The Dyson V11 Outsize vacuum is larger than any other Dyson cordless vacuum, and it's more expensive than the other cordless vacuums. Is the price worth it?
Facebook LIve

How to go live on Facebook

Facebook Live makes it easier than ever to stream live video from your mobile device. Here's how to go live on Facebook and share your message with the world.
lenovo yoga smart tab review 2 hands on 4 of 21

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab review: A tablet, and then some

The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is an Android tablet that stands out in a crowd. It packs useful features into a 10.1-inch device, including a versatile kickstand.
Nest Cam IQ sitting on a desk next to car keys and books

Expect lower video quality on your Nest cameras this week

In response to community issues caused by COVID-19, Google has temporarily adjusted camera settings on their Nest cameras to help with internet strain.
where to get toilet paper in a pandemic

Toilet paper is out of stock everywhere. Here’s how to order it online

Stores have been cleaned out, and the next logical choice would be to search online. With the COVID-19 pandemic going strong, is ordering online even an option?
Snoop Dog Cameo video

What is Cameo?

Unlike most sites that focus on users interacting with their friends, Cameo lets you interact with celebrities, for a price. Here's what you need to know.
twitter auto crops improve with ai

How to change your Twitter username and display name

If you thought you were stuck with the embarrassing Twitter name from eighth grade, you were wrong. Here's how to change your Twitter username and display name.
facebook messenger 2017 android

How to use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account

Thankfully, it's pretty easy to use Facebook Messenger without going all in on the social network. Here's how to use Messenger without a Facebook account.
Dyson Corrale Pink and Black on stand

Dyson Corrale review: This $500 hair straightener falls flat

The Dyson Corrale was designed to cut the amount of damage your hair sustains by 50%. Is this $500 straightener was worth the hype? Here's what I found.
paranoid prevents smart speakers from eavesdropping home button

Paranoid prevents smart speakers from eavesdropping on you

A new device, called Paranoid, is here to prevent your smart speaker from listening when it shouldn't, making Alexa and Google Assistant devices a little safer.
how to view instagram stories on your computer laptop

How to view Instagram Stories on your computer

Stories can give you insightful glimpses into others' lives. Here's how to feed your addiction and view Instagram Stories on your computer through the website.
Wyze Band on wrist

Wyze Band review: Put this tracker on your radar

Alexa skills that let you control your smart home, heart tracker, sleep tracker, great screen, and more make this inexpensive fitness tracker a great choice.
best presidents day washer dryer sales

I tried to make my dryer smarter, and it (mostly) worked

Smart dryers are popular these days. SmartDry claims to take your old dryer from dumb to smart in just minutes. I gave it a try and here's what I learned.
Woman using the Dyson Corrale

Dyson’s new hair straightener reduces damage to your locks at a premium price

Dyson has released its newest product, the Corrale hair straightener, which is designed to cut the amount of damage your hair sustains from styling by half.
Ring Video Doorbell 3 with mom and girl

Leak suggests Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus will have previews

It looks like Ring posted the info page for the Video Doorbell 3 and 3 Plus too early to its site. Apparently, Ring discovered the error and took it down.
A person pressing the Arlo Video Doorbell.

Arlo Video Doorbell Review: Nothing fishy about this camera

The Arlo Video Doorbell is a slim, no-fuss smart video doorbell. It has a video camera you can use to catch porch pirates, motion detection, and more.
Alexa in a storm

Alexa can save your life by telling you if severe weather is coming

Now you can get severe weather alerts from Alexa, which can be particularly useful if you tend to have your phone on silent while you sleep or work.
eufyCam 2 at night

EufyCam 2 Review: Great night sight and a year-long battery

The EufyCam 2 is a smart wireless security camera that supports Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple Homekit. It can even enhance video when a person is detected.
CookingPal Julia System

Robot cooks are just food processors with extra steps

Cooking bots like Julia and TM6 can shop for food, weigh food, chop, mix, blend, and more. Beyond the hype and the big price tags, are they worth the purchase?
kwikset halo

Kwikset Halo Review: A tough smart lock that’s hard to love

The Halo by Kwikset is a smart lock that be controlled using an app, codes, or an old fashioned set of keys. It's also extremely durable.
Wyze smart home lock on a door.

Wyze Lock Review: A budget smart lock without the fuss

With the Wyze Lock ($90) you get to keep your keys and your deadbolt. It screws on to what you already have to offer smart lock features in a few minutes.
Cricut Joy and cards

Being small isn’t the Cricut Joy’s only trick for crafters

Cricut's new smart crafting machine will entice the crafter with limited space, boasting a compact design, but works much like its larger predecessors.
Amazon Echo dressed up for Valentine's Day

Use your smart speaker to make Valentine’s Day a little sweeter

This year, there's no better wingman for your Valentine's Day than Alexa or Google Assistant. Here's how to use your smart speakers to light a spark this February 14.
lonely this valentines day alexa can help you feel better amazon echo dot plum on dresser

Lonely this Valentine’s Day? Alexa can help you feel better

Valentine's Day doesn't need to be lonely if you're staying home this year. You have Alexa! Here are some things to try if you find yourself feeling down.
Barcode on a cookie pack

You can now scan bar codes for your grocery list with the Amazon Echo Show

Now when you need to add a new item to your grocery list, you can scan the item's bar code by holding it up in front of your Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8.
The Google Nest Learning Thermostat mounted on an office wall above a desk and lamp.

Your Nest thermostat can now help to identify potential HVAC problems

Google Nest Thermostat has some new tricks in the works. Google Nest announced that it is testing a new feature that can help identify problems with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. When it finds a problem, it will send you an email alert so you can find a fix.
Nebia by Moen - White _ Chrome

Nebia by Moen atomizes water to reduce wasteful showers

The Nebia by Moen saves 45% more water than regular showerheads, but that doesn't mean it drizzles a weak stream of water. The 8-inch diameter showerhead uses air to atomize the water in a process called H2Micro. The patented technology creates twice as much spray coverage, so you get a full blast.